High-performance solutions for E-commerce systems to increase sales and reduce operational costs.
Development of various document and content management systems, intranet and extranet portals and corporate web sites.
High performance solutions for mission-critical tasks in such industries as Defense, Railroad and Traffic control.
Development, customization, support and maintenance of games and platforms for the online gaming industry.
The Sigma Software team has solid experience working with companies in the healthcare sphere, meeting all strict industry quality and security standards.
Improving operations by providing analytic tools for accurate data processing and reasoned decision-making.
We offer OSS / BSS solutions for managing complex networks ranging from legacy systems to next-generation services.
Embedded development solutions.
The Cloud Computing solutions we offer are a perfect match for any industry.
At Sigma Software we offer robust Ruby on Rails development services that tailored to Customers` specific needs.
Day after day people increase their digital content consumption whether they are relaxing at home, taking a break at work, or traveling.