Eclipse AccessPoint

Eclipse AccessPoint is a corporate portal which serves as an enhanced company intranet and “yellow-pages” directory. It contains links to resources and user friendly guidance which employees need in their daily work. The portal is designed to reduce time spent on everyday activities by simplifying access to company systems and information. Acquainting new employees with policies and procedures has never been as easy as with Eclipse AccessPoint. You are always just a few clicks away from required company information, no matter what department it relates to.

Aiming at guaranteeing the high quality of its goods or services, companies create a number of procedures that must be followed by its employees. Various systems that support HR, office, QMS or regular activities are usually organized in a quite complex way, so that only experienced people can use them. Eclipse AccessPoint makes it easy for employees by connecting procedures with related systems and storages.

In addition, flexible user accounts with a multi-level access model ensure that users will get the right information.

Eclipse AccessPoint main features are:

Admin Tool

  • User accounts and user info are read from Active Directory;
  • Adding / editing links;
  • Categorization of links into categories and subcategories;
  • Setting read permissions for category, subcategory or link per Active Directory account or Active Directory group;
  • Associating e-mail templates with person and My Manager links;
  • Moving the most common links to the dashboard area to be quickly accessible for all AccessPoint users;
  • Links usage statistics.

User Tool

  • Auto-login to AccessPoint (authenticated as an Active Directory domain user);
  • Search, browse the portal to find the information they are interested in, including My Manager and My Projects link;
  • Use and manage personal Dashboard.

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