Platina Software

Sigma Software is an official representative of Platina, a product of Formpipe Software ( Formpipe Software is a software company in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) which develops ECM products for structuring information and supplies them to major companies, government bodies and organizations.

Platina is a modern, web-based, state-of-the-art information management platform offering extreme flexibility and rich functionality. The platform can be easily integrated with other enterprise systems, thus providing robust support for end-to-end processes and helping to reduce costs and increase overall efficiency.

Platina includes a wide range of functionalities for corporate information management; a flexible business processes automation module enables quick system involvement and fast information exchange.

Platina helps enterprises to:

  • Structure all corporate information and link it to corporate processes;
  • Automate the whole processes map of the enterprise, increase transparency and efficiency of workflows and processes;
  • Streamline the collaboration process and information exchange, get fast access to all decision-critical information;
  • Increase control over corporate content, manage access rights and information security;
  • Track and analyze all activities, monitor processes, locate bottlenecks, increase productivity;
  • Streamline collaboration with customers, partners and investors.

Platina's benefits:

  • A flexible and convenient  tool for business processes simulation;
  • Enables documentation grouping out to cases;
  • Enables documentation structure (registries creation);
  • Tracking documentation, cases and objects usage history, compilation of action reports;
  • User-friendly interface and easy integration with Microsoft products.

The platform is based on the latest technology from Microsoft and is fully integrated with Microsoft products. Today Platina is used by a wide range of private companies as well as government organizations, including Tele2, AstraZeneca, Biacore, Crane AB, etc.

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