Custom Software Development

Long-standing experience and a large number of successfully completed projects have taught us how to generate unique solutions and make customers happy. And we know that no matter how complicated and winding the road may be, those guided by the right approach always cross the finish the first.

Finding suitable cutting-edge technologies and engaging the best specialists is our main strength, one wich ensures that every idea is professionally transformed into the right solution. Our experienced Agile software team employs leading industry standards and best practices, and the projects we take on benefit from this high level of quality.

We value creativity and tailor-made approaches. Business models based on cooperating with customers can be utilized either in their pure form, or in combination to meet various business expectations and needs. We are flexible in customizing established business models and helping our clients benefit from our synergies. A clear understanding of the customer’s business supported by accurately defined roles and responsibilities in the earliest stages of the project ensures effective collaboration between us.

Selected Projects

Embedded Solution for German Telecom Company
Customer: German Telecom Company
Industry: Telecommunication
Solution Type: Embedded solution for mobiles
Technologies: C++, Symbian and WinMobile 2003–2006 OS

The customer is a leading German company in the telecommunication sector. The Sigma Software`s task was the full cycle development of the customer’s product, which is an embedded solution that reduces the cost of calls and data transfer. The main project challenge was deep integration of developed applications to mobile phone functions. Once the end user has purchased the service, he/she can utilize his/her phone as he/she usually does and enjoy low-cost calls, SMS, MMS, etc.

To achieve this the project team developed an embedded solution for a broad range of mobile devices with both Symbian and WinMobile 2003–2006 OS which reduces the cost of calls and SMS. The development team continues to develop applications for new operation system versions and performs product enhancement by adding new functions and improving interaction with various mobile operators.

Testing of the product is also performed by the Sigma Software team, who created a Test Laboratory for permanent testing of the customer’s product. Through its proven testing methodologies, Sigma Software provided a high level of quality verification, automated testing and regression trend analysis. This approach significantly reduced testing costs.

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World Match Racing Tour web portal
Customer: World Match Racing Tour (WMRT)
Industry: Business, PR, Sport
Solution Type: Web portal (
Technologies: Joomla 1.7, PHP, JavaScript

Our customer decided to enhance its web portal just before the start of match race competitions (two  short distance boat races). The aim was to provide information about the company and its events as well as to create an information-sharing platform for everyone interested in match racing. The customer already had a user database, news and image archive, and it was a challenge to migrate the existing data to the new system. In addition, the project had to be completed within a very limited timespan. World Match Racing Tour selected Sigma AB and Sigma Software as suppliers because of our proven quality of service, high level of commitment and reliability.

In order to reduce the time-to-market, the project was divided into several stages. First, a simple version of the portal containing the most vital features was launched. The stages that followed were aimed at further development of the portal, including the introduction of an intranet, a fully-functional press center, integration with the sales management system, etc. 

A robust portal with up-to-date information about WMRT races and rich content, including photos, videos, and online broadcasting was successfully created. It allows for statistics tracking, submitting race results and quick upload of recent photos taken by photographers. The new WMRT portal increased the company’s visibility and attracted even more visitors both to the portal and to WMRT events. 

Sigma Software is currently involved in various activities connected with this project, including support and maintenance, development of new features, and gathering and processing of requirements for further iterations.

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Dedicated Development Team for Oggifinogi Inc.
Customer: Oggifinogi Inc. (now Collective,
Industry: Advertising, Internet
Solution Type: Advertising platform
Technologies: Java, .NET, Flash, C#, XML, MS SQL, MongoDB (NoSQL solution), HTML5, iOS, Git & Github and other.

Oggifinogi is an advertising technology platform that consists of a highly scalable platform for constructing, serving, monitoring and analyzing ads. It manages billions of ad impressions for thousands of clients. 


To establish a dedicated development center to support the customer’s own product.


Oggifinogi was a venture-backed startup. From the very beginning the team had to quickly develop a whole media ad platform, working under extremely high pressure, and integrating with various technologies and platforms.

Project description

Develop an ad player that is easy to integrate into websites with various technologies and platforms. Then — create the whole media platform to facilitate advertisement content management and distribution over a wide range of partnering websites, with a tracker of ad campaigns` efficiency. A dedicated Sigma Software team is continuously developing and supporting the product using Java, .NET, Flash, C#, XML, MS SQL, MongoDB (NoSQL solution).

The team has developed a real time reporting system and automated testing systems for the customer’s report-generating web solution and the customer’s frameworks (based on HTML and Flash). We started using HTML5 to enable the solution to support iOS, and used a Git version control system with Github hosting.


The platform is live and serves billions of impressions every year.

"Working with Sigma Software we made fantastic progress on our development. I've worked with many different outsourcing companies throughout my career, and have found that Sigma Software stands out as an excellent technology partner. The staff is sharp, dedicated, and treats projects with ownership. When a deadline looms or an operational problem occurs, you can rely on the team to be there. I've worked with them over the last several years and have had nothing but good experiences," said Michael Hyman, CEO and co-founder of Oggifinogi Inc.

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Development and Maintenance of Gap Solutions for Telecoms OSS/BSS
Customer: Cult Hill Innovations Limited
Industry: Telecommunication
Solution type: Operations Support Software
Technologies: Java, Swing, CORBA, SWT, XML, XSL, XSLT, MySQL

Cult Hill Innovations Limited (CHIL) provides business software solutions for network operators, communication service providers and dealers.
The challenge for Sigma Software was to establish a remote software factory capable of delivering a ready-to-market innovative software product and then support the client`s projects and maintain product installations. Developed by Sigma Software, the OSS software product has the ability to work in a distributed environment. The software product is aimed at giving business developers a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool to build and verify new business models and automatically generate the Operations Support Systems (OSS).

The main features of the product allow the customer to:

  • Transform the way service providers create and implement new business capabilities;
  • Give non-technical business users a visual tool to assemble new applications and test their business models;
  • Model and launch new services in a fraction of the time previously required;
  • Automatically generate operations support functions;
  • Provide a single framework for invoicing multiple services;
  • Take a strategic approach to existing and new processes.

Currently the software factory is in widespread use and continues to support further software evolutions, participates in further development and technical support of implemented product installations. Staffed and locally managed by Sigma Software for five years now, the software factory has become an integral part of the UK software house's operations, providing an economic virtual extension of its IT organization. An application is used by major European telecom companies.

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IDL Compiler Development
Customer PrismTech Ltd.
Industry: IT
Solution Type: Middleware
Technologies: Linux, Windows, Java, Eclipse RCP, EMF, ANTLR

PrismTech Ltd. is an acknowledged leader among advanced providers of software integration solutions. The company develops, markets, and supports a wide range of standards-compliant, high-performance middleware products whose quality of service properties significantly exceed those offered by conventional middleware.

The Sigma Software assignment was to create the core of an IDL (Interface Definition Language) compiler and a set of reference usage facilities for it. Creation of core libraries to handle IDLs helps to make the process of IDL parsing more universal. It helps decrease the cost of various products’ support and allows the expansion of supplied technologies in future. The list of solution features includes the following:

  • Layered architecture, which allows plugging into any stage of the compiling process;
  • Module design based on OSGi standards;
  • Reference implementation of command-line compiler and Eclipse RCP IDE.

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Data Integration Tools for a Leading Online Gaming Operator in German Speaking Countries
Industry: Online gaming
Solution type: Integration Tools
Technologies: .NET, С#, MySQL, Web Services

The customer, who is one of the leading online gaming operators, works in close collaboration with a professional poker school which provides poker training and loans to people starting careers as a poker players. The poker school trains players and finances the start of their careers in one of the world`s leading poker networks. It is essential for the poker school to monitor their players’ progress while they are playing in the poker network.

The customer turned to Sigma Software and our team came up with a set of data integration tools which allowed the extraction of required data from the poker network database through Web Services and transferring it to the poker school database. This in turn allows them to monitor players' progress. The tools are flexible, highly customizable and can be configured in accordance with the poker school`s database structure. The solution delivered works in fully-automated, 24/7 mode and has shown stable and robust performance.

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Embedded Solution for Vehicle Tracking
Customer: ENAiKOON GmbH
Industry: Industrial automation
Solution type: Display for Vehicle Tracking System
Technologies: C/C++, RS232, ENAiKOON locate-29, NAVMAN MDT850, TOMTOM GO

ENAiKOON GmbH delivers microcomputer-based products to the market. These products work with mobile technology (with satellite tracking) and provide excellent solutions in the area of surveillance, remote control, remote metering and tracking of vehicles, persons or goods.

The customer required applications development for one of its new solutions. Sigma Software assigned a development team that fit the customer’s requirements. The project objective was the development of embedded applications on C and C++ for devices specified by the customer — Mobile Data Terminal ENAIKOON display-56 (MDT850, and ENAiKOON v-locator-work (TOMTOM GO, The solution is designed to track vehicles. This fleet management system is suitable both for corporate and individual users.

Sigma Software introduced a solution which ensured proper communication between drivers that use both display-56 and v-locator-work modules, and the dispatcher. Software development and testing were 100% offsite and managed by the Sigma Software Project Manager. Development of this embedded application was successfully accomplished and now applications developed work in the vehicle tracking system of the customer.

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Middleware Product Development
Customer: PrismTech Ltd.
Industry: IT
Solution Type: Middleware
Technologies: C/C++, Java, JDBC, JMX, JTA, CORBA

PrismTech Ltd. is an acknowledged leader among advanced providers of software integration solutions. The company develops, markets and supports a wide range of standards-compliant, high-performance middleware products whose quality of service properties significantly exceed those offered by conventional middleware.

The Sigma Software team was involved in the development of one of their middleware products range which provides a full package of features to create enterprise middleware infrastructure. The solution is based on CORBA specifications and covers all levels of communications from low-level networking to high-level services. A set of unique capabilities makes the project a leader in its area:

  • Driven by OMG specifications;
  • Multi language ORB support;
  • OMG service implementation: Naming, Trading, Notification, Time;
  • OMG facilities implementation: LogService.

The project was performed 100% offsite with onsite visits by the Sigma Software Project Manager when it was necessary to clarify project details or exchange information.

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User Interface Builder for Wide Range of Mobile Phones
Customer: UK company
Industry: Mobile communications, mobile development
Solution Type: UI for mobile phones and handsets
Technologies: C, (C++ for smart devices), Java (former Borland JBuilder, future Eclipse IDE), C#, Symbian, WinCE

One of the largest companies in the UK offering services for telecommunications, the customer selected Sigma Software to develop UI (User Interface) Builder for mobile phones and other handsets. The primary consumers of this toolkit are network operators and handset manufacturers.

Developed by the Sigma Software team, UI Builder includes both an embedded run time component and a desktop toolkit for creating and editing User Interfaces for mobile phones. The Toolkit is used to create a set of customized User Interface properties that can be transferred to the phone (handset) of a mobile subscriber via cable, GSM, GPRS or other supported data link.

Thus network operators gained the ability to allow customization for individual clients / groups of clients and easy update of the handset UI functionality post sale. Handset manufacturers achieved significant cost and time savings in UI development, decreased rework / retest costs, shorter time to market and differentiation from competitors.

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MS SharePoint-based Corporate Portal
Customer: Corporate Project Solutions
Industry: IT, Consulting
Solution Type: Web portal
Technologies: MS SharePoint  2010, .NET Framework 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Corporate Project Solutions (CPS) is a UK-based full-service consultancy specializing in software solutions. The customer chose Sigma Software to execute the development of a new corporate web portal that would strengthen the company’s presence on the Web, attract more prospects and act as an efficient marketing tool.


Sigma Software had to produce development, testing and go-live support of the customer’s website based upon the wireframes developed by the design studio. In order to make the solution scalable and allow the solution to be transferred to future versions, it was decided to utilize a maximum of the tools and technologies available in the platform instead of undertaking additional custom development.

Another challenge was to make SharePoint work as a public website as this platform was commonly used for internal portals. This decision was based on this software robust administration component and the potential to create and edit Webparts (modules of the pages) using standard program techniques.

Project description

Sigma Software and CPS agreed to develop the portal using the Agile approach with development tasks split into several iterations and intermediate demos at the end of each. Thus, CPS got the opportunity to bring in changes to initial requirements easily, have more control over the development process and to be aware of the project status throughout the development cycle. 

The CPS web portal now enjoys intuitive navigation, the ability to book events and trainings, feedback forms and other features. 


As a result of the project a brand new CPS portal was launched ( increasing the company’s visibility and attracting more users with new prospects among them. The customer has agreed to further collaboration with Sigma Software.

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Software Tool for DDS Testing
Customer: PrismTech Ltd.
Industry: IT
Solution Type: Middleware
Technologies: Linux, Windows, CORBA, C++, C, Java, Eclipse IDE

PrismTech Ltd. is an acknowledged leader among advanced providers of software integration solutions. The company develops, markets, and supports a wide range of standards-compliant, high-performance middleware products whose quality of service properties significantly exceed those offered by conventional middleware. Its OpenSplice DDS product is regarded as the fastest, most robust and feature-rich Data Distribution Service (DDS) implementation available: it is a high-performance messaging technology featuring record-breaking throughput and real time determinism even under the most extreme traffic conditions. Sigma Software established a dedicated team, which is working on DDS testing. The team keeps abreast of the latest OMG technologies (especially related to CORBA, DDS and MDD) and is capable of providing enterprise-level services to PrismTech. The main purposes of the project are: 

  • Designing and developing a test system that provides capabilities to compose test scenarios, launch tests on different hosts with various OS and for several programming languages.
  • Complete testing of solutions including: designing test cases for system tests; implementing functional, performance, protocol, scalability and load tests.

The project was completed with successful delivery of test results, which helped the customer to enhance its mission-critical networked system. The total duration of this project currently is about 72 man/months.

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Unified Middleware (JMS) for Distributed Enterprise Applications
Industry: Telecommunication, Media, Finance & Banking, Government
Solution type: Distributed Intelligent Systems 
Technologies: Java, Eclipse RCP, J2EE, JMS, JBoss, XML, Eclipse TPTP

The goal of the project was to develop an enterprise applications integration framework based on message oriented middleware. It can be used to integrate existing Enterprise Applications with each other, allowing them to exchange data according to user-defined configurations via network by means of JMS. The project has been successfully completed and is now in use by the customer`s environment.

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MultiRater 360
Customer: Multirater, Inc.
Industry: Consulting
Solution Type: Website
Technologies: ASP.NET, MS SQL, IIS, GDI+, JavaScript is a service firm that has provided unsurpassed high quality technical integration in the area of industrial / organizational psychology since 1997. Its M360 tool allows integration of 360 feedback surveys, customized e-mail notification sets, customized project configurations, and presentation of the surveys, as well as the user interface, in multiple languages.

Sigma Software had to implement and roll out the second version of the system based on the specification and pre-existing prototype. One of the project challenges was to support the version 1 installation that was working on the customer’s site while developing and rolling out the second version of the system. Sigma Software carefully developed and tested the data migration procedure from the first version to the next under conditions in which the data in the first version of the system changed every minute.

As a result of almost a year of work, Sigma Software rolled out the second version of the M360 system and migrated data from the large database of the first version of the tool. The M360 tool is now installed in  one of the world’s leading software corporations and is used to provide feedback on thousands of its current employees, as well as to store reports on many thousands of its past employees.

The main features of the solution are:

  • Role-Based Security. There are five user populations: focus, raters, project administrators, super administrator and feedback facilitators. The M360 tool allows for each population to have associated capabilities and limitations
  • Surveys. The system supports surveys containing questions grouped into dimensions
  • Rate Management. The M360 tool supports the entire 360-feedback process
  • Reports. The system provides an exhaustive set of reports; the user can view a list of entities, view their status or search for any entity in the system
  • User Interface. The client application runs on any operating system under any web browser since it does not use web browser or OS specific features. The User Interface is simple, intuitive and supports multiple languages. The menu is dynamically generated according to what user role the current user is in and what projects he/she has access to
  • E-mail Notifications. The system sends out e-mail notifications to the necessary people after certain events occur

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The Clinical Trial Portal
Customer: TranSenda International, LLC
Industry: Healthcare
Solution Type: Web portal
Technologies: TranSenda Business Process Manager (TBPM), Microsoft .NET, C#

TranSenda International provides modular software solutions for companies engaged in clinical trials. All TranSenda solutions are part of an integrated system — consisting of an underlying process-based platform and modular applications — called TranSenda Central®.

The Sigma Software team was involved as the integrator of a solution based on the TranSenda Business Process Manager (TBPM) platform. The purpose of the project was to develop a solution for automating the processing of the results of medicine investigation. The solution helped by replacing paper forms with the results of patient investigation.

The Clinical Trial Portal provides the ability to collect all information about patients on a single server. Thus any authorized person may analyze it immediately after it is saved into the DB. Once released, the Clinical Trial Portal was installed and is now used by 11 US institutions: Stanford University, UMD New Jersey, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason, The Center for Rheumatology (New York), Medical University of South Carolina, Johns Hopkins University, Denver Medical Center, the University of Texas, Boston University, the University of Connecticut and Duke University.

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StandardLink: Software Tools for Distributed and Real Time Capable Systems
Customer: Consulting company in the industrial automation systems industry
Industry: Aerospace, Industrial Automation
Solution type: SDK and supporting tools for SCADA-like systems development
Technologies: C++, TCP/IP programming, Qt Library, Support of Windows, Linux and QNX operating systems

The customer is a consulting company that provides services in the industrial automation systems industry. Sigma Software was assigned to create a new real time, embedded, highly-reliable solution for industrial automation and distributed system simulations.

The appointed offsite development team carried out research and development, support and maintenance services. After a deep investigation phase and completion of development, the brand new middleware product was released and called StandardLink.

StandardLink is a middleware that reduces the amount of effort and technological risks involved in prototyping, implementation and exploitation of complex, high-performance distributed computing systems. It is a software kit (SDK) and software tools that permit rapid prototyping, easy implementation, configuration, operating, and maintenance of portable real-time-capable distributed computing systems. The product can be deployed on an arbitrary combination of supported platforms: Windows family, Linux, and QNX, including embedded versions. Application programming interfaces are available for native C++ and .NET as well as for generated C code from MATLAB®/SIMULINK®.

The most important features of the system are:

  • A wide number of supported platforms;
  • Low response time and low performance and memory overhead;
  • Simple, intuitive object-oriented API’s for the development of distributed business logic;
  • The developer is freed from the issues of distributed computing and database management and can concentrate on customer-specific business logic;
  • Minimal interdependency between customer-specific components and between development groups;
  • Efficient error localization and diagnostics;

Software development was 100% offsite and managed by the Sigma Software Project Manager. The project team is continually delivers evolutionary versions of the software modules and maintains the versions in production, providing a stable and cost-effective extension of the customer’s software engineering organization.

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