Software Testing

Quality control services call for the right mix of competence, experience and knowledge. We involve our testing specialists in projects in the earliest stages to guarantee a deep understanding of the solution we build.

There is no common approach to software performance testing. We respect each project`s peculiarities and do our best to apply the most effective solution. Our testing processes are tailored to the specific needs of each project. Our experienced team employs leading industry standards and best practices and the projects we work on benefit from the high quality of our approach.

Sigma Software software testing professionals share common values, such as commitment to project success, flexibility and eagerness to acquire new experience. While working on projects for demanding clients from Western Europe and the USA, our testing specialists have successfully completed a wide range of assignments.

Some of our competences are: automated testing, various quality assurance services, application load testing and many more.

Selected Projects

Airfare Prediction Website QA
Customer: Leading US provider of software development services
Industry: Internet & IT
Solution Type: Quality assurance
Technologies: JSP
Duration: 20 months
Staff: 3 QA engineers

This airfare prediction website offers a unique service by providing its users with intelligent airfare predictions: travel shoppers can save money by knowing the best dates and airlines to buy tickets from. The website also provides an airfare search experience and supports airline booking. Unlike other travel companies, this website predicts when a user should buy a ticket based on 170+ billion points of previous airfare data. While the website has a lot of competition, the company claims to be the only one that also predicts future prices.

This unique service was supported by a leading US software development provider with QA services since 2003, and thus it was brought up to a high level of quality, allowing it to become successful on the market after its launch in 2007.

Because Sigma Software has a long track record of successfully completed projects for the US software development provider, the Sigma Software team was contracted to provide quality assurance for the emerging service in 2006, just before the launch.

The challenges related to the project were:

  1. To establish a dedicated QA Team to support a rapidly growing innovative startup project specializing in data analysis and decision making support.
  2. To set up an efficient communications channel between the US development team (on the customer’s premises) and the dedicated QA Lab at Sigma Software.
  3. To perform flexible integration with the existing development process.

The Sigma Software Test Lab, located in Ukraine, operated successfully on this project for 20 months. The customer was able to give successful demos and presentations at IT fairs using the software that was processed by Sigma Software QA specialists.
The Sigma Software Test Lab successfully completed testing of the service and helped to ensure its high quality. The service was bought later by the world’s leading multinational computer technology corporation for more than $80 million.

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Software Tool for DDS Testing
Customer: PrismTech Ltd.
Industry: IT
Solution Type: Middleware
Technologies: Linux, Windows, CORBA, C++, C, Java, Eclipse IDE

PrismTech Ltd. is an acknowledged leader among advanced providers of software integration solutions. The company develops, markets, and supports a wide range of standards-compliant, high-performance middleware products whose quality of service properties significantly exceed those offered by conventional middleware. Its OpenSplice DDS product is regarded as the fastest, most robust and feature-rich Data Distribution Service (DDS) implementation available: it is a high-performance messaging technology featuring record-breaking throughput and real time determinism even under the most extreme traffic conditions. Sigma Software established a dedicated team, which is working on DDS testing. The team keeps abreast of the latest OMG technologies (especially related to CORBA, DDS and MDD) and is capable of providing enterprise-level services to PrismTech. The main purposes of the project are: 

  • Designing and developing a test system that provides capabilities to compose test scenarios, launch tests on different hosts with various OS and for several programming languages.
  • Complete testing of solutions including: designing test cases for system tests; implementing functional, performance, protocol, scalability and load tests.

The project was completed with successful delivery of test results, which helped the customer to enhance its mission-critical networked system. The total duration of this project currently is about 72 man/months.

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