12 years of providing top-quality IT solutions — Sigma Ukraine marks its anniversary

Sigma Software

This year the company celebrates 12 years as the leading IT consultancy company and solutions provider for software houses, entrepreneurs and startups in Europe and the US. Sigma Ukraine reaches this milestone with 450 employees in Ukraine and 1000+ successfully accomplished projects for our customers worldwide.

The Sigma Ukraine’s history starts back in 2002. On May 10th the group of 6 enterpreneurs founded Eclipse Software Programming (former name of Sigma Ukraine). Over the years the company’s expertise was growing, attracting more enthusiasts to the team and engaging new large corporations as our clients. Among them are Volvo, SAS, Bamboo Solutions, Fortum, GTECH, Collective Media, Viaplay and many others. In 2006 the company joined Sigma Group, leading Scandinavian IT consultancy group, with 100 employees in eleven countries. It marked the beginning of a long-lasting cooperation with international brands and facilitated the company’s development on Scandinavian market. In 2014 Sigma Ukraine was listed among 6 main businesses in Sigma Group.

“Sigma Ukraine has earned the position of an IT solutions expert in different areas from banking, government, telecommunications to media and entertainment through our constant commitment to deliver the best solutions and meet the clients’ expectations. In 2014 and further years we aspire to continue our growth, explore new business verticals as well as extend our worldwide locations,”

Sigma Ukraine is also an active driver of IT education development in Ukraine, a member of the EBA IT Committee, a partner of the international educational project TEMPUS aimed at IT students’ innovations enhancement.

“Information technologies are on the edge of development, that’s why we understand the importance of strong cooperation between educational establishments and businesses. The synergy of technical knowledge and hands-on experience is a keystone for preparing promising young IT specialists. We have established partnership with leading Ukrainian universities, and support education development through participating in various international programs (TEMPUS), opening new classrooms for students and encouraging governmental programs. We plan to expand this initiative further on in coming years, helping the students become professional IT specialists,” said Vladimir Beck, CEO at Sigma Ukraine.

Just like 12 years ago, we have a wonderful road ahead of us. And we’re even more excited to move on!

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