Akvelon relies on Eclipse Time Server for time & project tracking

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Eclipse Time Server (ETS), a robust time & project tracking solution developed by Eclipse SP, is purchased by software producing firm Akvelon and implemented at all three company’s offices.

Akvelon uses Eclipse Time ServerAkvelon is a USA-based business and technology consulting firm, which offers a line of software solutions and services to its clients worldwide. The company had searched for a solution that would enhance the process of effort tracking and help to improve company’s operations.

Akvelon had several major requirements for the needed software: it would have the ability to track project hours and employees efficiency, be able to analyze the effectiveness of company operations, unify project progress reporting and manage risks through risk management tool. ETS was selected as the best solution, fitting those demands.

“We love the simplicity of use, well-crafted interface and the overall concept of the Eclipse Time Server. After a long search for a simple but robust time tracking tool that provides ease of implementation and meaningful output of info, we’re very pleased to have ETS as a component of our corporate intranet,” says Constantine Korovkin, Akvelon VP of Solutions.

Akvelon had implemented ETS at its worldwide offices in Seattle, USA, Ivanovo, Russia, and Kharkiv, Ukraine. The system has also been previously successfully deployed by another two software development companies – Fulcrum Web and Dolphin Telecom R&D.


About Akvelon

Specializing in CRM customization, consulting, mobile technology and cloud computing, Akvelon Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. The nine-year-old firm employs over 100 business and technology specialists and is a trusted technology consultant to small businesses, large corporations, government agencies and institutions in the greater Puget Sound area. Akvelon Inc. was recently recognized by Puget Sound Business Journal as one of the largest Web development companies in the Pacific Northwest.

About Eclipse Time Server

Eclipse Time Server (ETS) is an easy-to-use and flexible time & project tracking tool, which helps to analyze and improve corporate performance. This robust solution gives the opportunity to assess projects’ progress, manage resource load, track projects’ spent hours and plan team vacations.

  • More information about Eclipse Time Server can be found at sigma.software

About Sigma Ukraine (previously Eclipse SP)

Sigma Ukraine provides top-quality IT services to customers in such segments as telecommunications, banking and financial services, aerospace, e-business and real estate as well as in the tourism and entertainment industries.

The company’s three major business areas are software development, system integration and IT consulting.

Being ISO 9001:2000 certified Sigma Ukraine provides services to its customers located primarily in Western Europe and the US markets, in which the company has regional offices since early 2005. Sigma Ukraine also has sales and support partners in Switzerland, the UK, Germany and Austria.

Since April 2006, Sigma Ukraine is a member of Sigma.

Sigma – One of Sweden’s Leading IT Consultancies. Sigma delivers to an international market and concentrates on functional undertakings. Sigma is continuously ranked against strong competition as one of the leading IT consultancies in Sweden. Sigma is listed on the O-List of the Stockholm Stock Exchange and employs about 1,300 people in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Germany, France, China and Ukraine.

  • More information about Sigma can be found at sigma.se.


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