Ambassador of Sweden Visits Sigma Software Office

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On October 23, 2018, we welcomed Martin Hagström, the Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine, in our Kyiv office. Martin Hagström had an office tour and a long discussion with Valery Krasovsky, CEO, Dmitry Vartanian, CFO, Natalia Zheltukhina, Business Development Manager, and Alexandra Govorukha, Head of Growth on UK and Israeli markets.

The Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine, visited our office in Kyiv to get a better understanding of our cooperation with Swedish companies, specifics of Ukrainian IT industry and business climate, as well as hurdles for the industry development.

Ambassador of Sweden in Sigma Software Office


Discussions of our colleagues with the Ambassador brought up many topics. Martin Hagström met Sigma Software engineers working on solutions creation for Swedish customers and clients all over the world. He then inquired about the inner functioning of our company and the methods to motivate specialists in the company. Valery Krasovsky shared our secrets of keeping people engaged by helping them in their professional development, providing opportunities to start R&D activities or participate in them.

Another interesting subject discussed was establishing of favorable business conditions for Ukrainian IT industry development and growth. According to PwC research from 2011 to 2015, the share of Ukraine's annual economic output coming from IT export segment grew from 0.6% to 3.3%. Our colleagues described the efforts IT companies (and Sigma Software among them) expend to make it possible: maintaining the dialogue with government as a member of the EBA IT Committee, working with universities to advance Ukrainian IT education, taking part in industry promotion within Ukraine and abroad.

Ambassador of Sweden in Sigma Software Office


During the tour, Valery Krasovsky told about the innovative solutions we develop for our customers in Sweden: Volvo, SAS, Scania Omni, Formpipe, DanAds. Martin Hagström expressed an interest in our R&D activities, where we have a lot to show, specifically in such areas as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Embedded Development, Cybersecurity, In-Vehicle Infotainment, and others.

The next point of destination for the Ambassador was Kharkiv, where he was going to meet the Governor of the Kharkiv Region, Yuliya Svitlychna, and discuss measures to faciltate business with Sweden from this location. A pressing question we asked Martin Hagström to raise with the governor was the lack of direct flights to Sweden. Keeping fingers crossed!

Ambassador of Sweden in Sigma Software Office


Martin Hagström, the Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine:

“It was very interesting to meet with representatives of Sigma Software on the eve of my visit to Kharkiv, where this company has its roots and is strongly represented. The visit to Kharkiv also has a special focus on the IT sector. The presence of Sigma Software and other Swedish related IT companies in Ukraine help create a critical mass for further development of our bilateral relations in this area, and I was happy to discuss this potential and possibilities for future joint activities with Sigma.”

Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software:

“Being a part of Swedish Sigma Group and having numerous customers in Sweden, we maintain close relationships with the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine and Swedish businesses, participate in IT events in Sweden, and support local events strengthening relations between our countries. We are open to new ways to bring our two countries together and are ready to support the Ambassador in his endeavors.”

Ambassador of Sweden in Sigma Software Office


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