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In October 2020, Sigma Software signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Diia.Business Center in Kharkiv. Diia Business is a national entrepreneurship development project initiated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation. It opened Diia.Business Center in Kharkiv as the first Entrepreneurship Support Center with a consulting area for micro, small, and medium businesses.

In line with the Memorandum signed in September 2020, Sigma Software furnished a business process management solution for the Diia.Business Center in Kharkiv as part of Sigma Software corporate social responsibility initiatives. Our development team automated business processes related to entrepreneur support of the center. Based on the technologies of our partner Middleware Inc. - Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine and - we automated the most time-consuming processes of the Center.

These processes relate to event management, selling of center services, and products selling. They were chosen for automation, because they took a considerable part of the center workers’ time. With the increase in the center activity and the rising number of provided services, manual processes were expected to become a bottleneck for further development of the center.

In about two months, event management was automated. Now the Center workers can plan standard and specific actions required to arrange an event, distribute tasks between them, set deadlines, collect information for auto-generation of reports, and more. According to the customer’s estimates, automation of this process reduced associated work efforts by two to three times. All works were finished in November, so December meetups, speeches, and master classes were arranged using the new solution. With 80+ events that the Center held each month that was a considerable boost to its efficiency.

Supporting Diia.Business Center in Kharkiv


Another process that our development team put to the digital footing is recording of the payments for the services and products of the Center. Consultants move around the office during a day and can sell learning courses, event tickets, books, or other goods when they are away from their working places. With the process automated via a Viber bot, they can record such sales immediately on their phones and quickly without much typing. In addition to cutting saving workers’ time, it improves the quality of record-keeping, allows to get reports for various periods and in various sections.

Diia.Business Center in Kharkiv proved that it is a true part of Ukraine’s digital transformation. And they are not going to stop. Diia.Business specialists plan to learn how to automate processes with Corezoid and to continue making Diia.Business operation more efficient. Further development includes launching the automation solution in Diia.Business Center that has recently opened in another Ukrainian city – Nikolayev.

Hanna Khrystianovich, Head of Fintech at Sigma Software, says:

Digital transformation can yield significant benefits in terms of time, effort, recordability, and reportability of business processes.  Middleware technologies allow responding to the needs of customers of any domain and in any digital channel, achieving the target speed of introducing changes and launching new services to the market, ensuring transparency and measurability of the organizations` processes.

Diia.Business, a governmental project aimed at the development of the business ecosystem in Ukraine and informational support of small and medium businesses, is a great example of fruitful digital transformation. I hope that they will open new and new facets of digital transformation and impart the related skills to business owners that turn to their centers for advice.”

Khrystianovich Anna

Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister for Eurointegration at Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, adds:

“Our philosophy in the MDT is to transform institutions, businesses, and people's lives for the better with the help of digital technologies. The experience of IT service companies in digitalization and automation of business processes is very useful. Together we can find the easiest and fastest way to reach our goal.”

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