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Sigma Ukraine took part in Camp Digital — organized by Sigma UK, this one-day event focused on user experience, accessibility, inclusive digital design and agile development and gathered more than 200 participants in Manchester, UK on the 29th of March. 

With over 15 experts as speakers, Camp Digital made it possible to discuss the most crucial questions and trends in the digital industry as well as to share ideas and solutions in a single day.

Hilary Stephenson, Managing Director of Sigma UK said, “In today’s business environment it’s not always the big beating the small, but the fast defeating the slow. Being user centric means being flexible, which leads to more effective and innovative solutions. User experience was the key subject of this year’s event.”

Sigma Ukraine’s representatives outlined the company’s experience in user experience, accessibility, web development and design, and mobile development. 

“We believe it is time to reconsider the entire approach to web site design and development. Websites must respond to the devices they are viewed on and adapt to the screen – not by changing the dimension of the content, but by replacing the content itself. Be more situation-aware. Be responsive. Be accessible. Be truly user-oriented”, said Alexey Stoletny, Department Manager, Head of Mobile and Web Solutions at Sigma Ukraine.

In addition to Alexey’s presentation ‘Responsive Design: Making Mobile Web Friendlier’, Sigma Ukraine sponsored the Camp Digital bar and created a digital version for the event. Thus, everyone could enjoy the informal setting and get acquainted with the responsive design solutions presented by Sigma Ukraine. 

Speakers including the BBC, Cap Gemini, Hassell Inclusion, EPiServer, Del Galdo Consulting and Manchester Metropolitan University and Dublin City University also shared their experience in the field.

“Participating in Camp Digital is an opportunity for Sigma Ukraine to present our best practices in the field”, said Valery Krasovsky, Chief Operations Officer at Sigma Ukraine. “UK is one of the key markets for us, and we are very glad to share our knowledge of the most advanced trends in the thriving field of mobile technologies, accessibility and user-centric design with our current clients and companies which use these technologies in their business.”

About Sigma UK

We are a user-focused digital communications company. We design and build smart solutions for web, mobile, and corporate applications that look great, that are easy to use and totally engaging. We put users at the heart of our solutions and we believe that investing in user experience, research and engagement delivers better products to a happier audience. We're the centre of excellence for user experience and digital services in the Sigma group, a Swedish based IT Services Company with over 1500 staff globally.

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