Completion of the educational application development

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This autumn we started cooperation with a Swedish startup developing a web application, which purpose is to provide schoolteachers with an efficient tool for gamification of soft skills cultivating. The solution called Lightning Hunt (Swedish: Blixtjakten) uses the method that is known and used in Swedish schools for several years. Now the time came to plunge it into the digital world.

It`s been a while since European educational institutions realized the importance of cultivating soft skills in schoolkids. Basically, Harvard and Stanford believe that only 15 percent of the student`s future success depends on hard skills and academic education. The other 85 percent is defined by having strong soft skills. Businesses from Fortune 500 as well claim the high importance of soft skills for the long-term and sustained success.

Leadership, teamwork, creativity, focus – these are not only the main skills kids have to grasp to succeed first at school and then in work. Those are also the characters of the Lightning Hunt application.

“The key to motivation is to make progress visible. This tool can be used by teachers during classes, it doesn’t replace the ordinary teaching just adds the framework to plan quests to train a specific skill. This is a unique way to foster the ability to work in a team, focus on a task, achieve the goal, etc. For successfully passed exercises, students collect lightnings that are calculated at the end of the lesson and display the progress for each skill,” explains Frida Monsén, the founder of the method behind the application. “We are very happy with the work Sigma Software did so far. Most likely, we will continue our cooperation in the future, since we have plans to expand the application, adding new features, characters, and levels.”

“Our team worked on this solution from a mere idea. At the initial stage, we have clarified and specified all the requirements with the Customer, created cute characters and environment, thought out the mechanics to details. The application went live and is planned to be implemented at schools very soon,” shares Sergo Kanchaveli, Head of Games Development Department at Sigma Software. “Lightning Hunt was implemented using HTML5 and Pixi technology.”

“This is yet another solution for education methods strengthening, which we developed,” adds Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software. “Among the projects we have completed is The Minnits game. It is very popular today at Swedish schools and keeps on opening new markets. This fascinating web-based adventure game is a complimentary teaching material that can be easily implemented in educational process. About a year ago, our team has also delivered an application for a Swedish education agency, which distributes state grants for training at schools and colleges for children and young people with disabilities. The solution helps the agency employees to handle applications for funds allocation. We are glad to further contribute to education development on different levels.”

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