Continuous Growth, Geography Extension, Tech Excellence: Plans for 2018

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When it comes to analyzing the major milestones in the company life over the ending year, this task becomes more complicated and leads to very long reflections with time. The reason is that we have so much to remember: new customers and partners trusted us their business, new technologies and decisions mastered, new offices opened, new educational activities launched, more CSR activities took place, and so forth. It would take a while to remember every achievement we are proud of in 2017, so we have decided to let the figures speak for us.

Farewell to this fruitful year. We have proved one more time how much we can achieve. With this in mind, we are making plans for 2018.

Anatoliy Kochetov, Delivery Director, Sigma Software Group:

Sigma Software 2017 Results“For many years we have been working with companies in the automotive area, but 2017 opened up new horizons and became a very interesting and challenging time. We have started and continued several inspirational and engaging automotive projects using the cutting-edge technologies.

In 2018, we expect even more opportunities in the automotive industry: diving deeper into the embedded development, creating control modules and firmware for connected cars, mastering real-time cinematics and autonomous driving, and boosting software competence to build sophisticated solutions for our Customers. The number of connected devices will grow, and so there is no chance for us to stay away from development in the areas of Internet of Things, Big Data, and AI.

AR/VR will definitely stay in the focus. We already have several Customers in healthcare, media, military, and gaming industries, while the interest on the market is to intensify greatly in 2018".

Alexey Stoletny, Managing Director, Sigma Software, USA:

For many years we are working with Customers in the U.S. and now we will be even closer to them by having local teams in Bellevue (Seattle Greater Area) and Los Angeles. Teams of all four locations, including New York and San Jose, will concentrate on helping our current Customers and Partners in reaching their business goals and will also expand our offering to other businesses in different cutting-edge technologies.

In 2017, we started cooperation with a number of new Customers in the USA, as much as for all previous years together, strengthened our partnership with startups, product houses, and companies in the enterprise segment. From developing standard solutions, we switch to being a reliable partner for our Customers, taking over the whole process from consulting on the optimal technologies and approaches to full cycle development and support. In the field of cybersecurity, we are engaged in unique projects involving product development and researches that should change the Internet and media. The next year we are going to actively participate in local IT communities development as well.”

Artem Petrenko, Business Development Director, Sigma Software Sweden:

“For Sigma Software, opening an office in Scandinavia is a natural step after 11 years’ experience on the market with many satisfied Customers, like Volvo, SAS, Fortum, Formpipe, and others. From our Stockholm presence, we will concentrate on delivering services to different Scandinavian brands, including VC’s, startup companies, software product houses, and big enterprises. Even though all our development teams are located remotely and we know how to deliver from another country, this essential step will allow our customers reach Sigma Software much faster, and literally speak the same language. 

In 2017, we have started a number of projects on the basis of our R&D center covering such directions as AR/VR, infotainment, Artificial Intelligence, and computer vision: this experience we are going to offer to our Customers along with other valuable services that are in high demand: CTO-as-a-service, cybersecurity, embedded development and testing, GDPR, and others.”

Valery Krasovsky, CEO, Sigma Software Group:

“Last year was really great! Sigma Software became a team of 800+ professionals in Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv, and Lviv. Fifty new Customers from seven countries believed in us during 2017 year. Our goals for 2018 are quite ambitious.

Part of our culture is to always seek to improve as a team and as individuals. I am sure that this aspiration has determined our success so far and will lay the foundation for further development.

Contributing to IT industry and IT community development has been a part of our strategic vision for many years, and so it will be one of the key tasks for us as a member of the EBA IT Committee. We also have our own powerful tool in hand: Sigma Software University should become one of the best platforms for sharing knowledge and experience for Middle and Senior specialists. In 2017, we have held nine courses from company`s top experts; the plans for 2018 are even more aspiring.

We are very optimistic about the next year and wishing everyone happy holydays!”

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