CSR Report 2020 Already Published

Sigma Software stands by its values. We have recently published our yearly Corporate Social Responsibility report to share the main company`s activities and goals in the year 2020.

The lockdown and the switch to remote work required our business to place significant focus on fighting the consequences of the pandemic restrictions, implementing fast changes in order to adapt quickly to the new normal and ensure business continuity for our clients, partners, and employees. Our main objectives regarding CSR remained as they were:

  • Providing premier quality services to our customers, helping them to overcome the challenges and to use the opportunities that the crisis has brought on.
  • Education and community development to ensure the high quality of solutions we deliver.
  • Being a responsible employer and providing our employees with a supporting hand when they need it.

In the detailed report, we describe how the new conditions changed the company`s life, approach to continuous education and work with educational establishments. Also, how we ensured security for our employees, partners, and clients, and what steps were taken in order to not lose our team culture during remote working conditions. Author`s columns of our colleagues reveal a number of business areas that had to be adapted to the new normal.

You can also read about community development, support of sports and a healthy lifestyle, joint projects on digitalization with the Ukrainian government, and more in the full report in the link: https://sigma.software/reports/csr-report-2020

CSR Report 2020

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