Delivered web application for Swedish education agency

Sigma Software

The Sigma Software team has delivered an application for a Swedish education agency, which distributes state grants for training at schools and colleges among children and young people with disabilities. The solution helps the agency employees to handle applications for funds allocation.

The system`s main goal was to computerize Customer`s paperwork. The agency receives hundreds of applications from educational institutions acting on behalf of people with disabilities and from businesses, which can also apply for grants, if they are planning, for example, to issue Braille books or release videos and movies with sign language translation, etc.

The solution, delivered by Sigma Software, automates the applications processing from the moment of their receiving to the decision on grant allocation and payment.

The Sigma Software team was involved in the architectural design, development, and engineering practices. In our work we used the mainstream technologies, such as ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Telerik controls and tools, and others. The solution is integrated with the Customer's Enterprise Content Management system.

“The application was developed some time ago. It has been two years since we joined the project. Our goal was to make the system that complied with the latest technical trends, met quality standards, and was easy to maintain. We have made some re-engineering, using smart and cost efficient approaches, implemented technical practices such as unit and integration testing, auto builds and auto deployment. All these steps allowed reducing Customer`s costs for solution support to up to 5 times! The Client now invests saved budget in the system further improvement, enhancing company`s work efficiency,” says Anatoly Kochetov, Head of Microsoft Solutions Department at Sigma Software.

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