DocuSign Spotlights our Developer as a Constant Contributor to their Solutions

Sigma Software, a trusted partner of DocuSign, the global leader in electronic signatures, has once again showcased the high level of expertise of its specialists. Through the Developer Spotlight portal, the customer announced that Anna Hileta, a software developer at Sigma Software, is an integral part of the DocuSign team, highlighting the strong bond between the two organizations.

Since 2019, Sigma Software has been actively involved in the development of a series of products for DocuSign, demonstrating a high level of dedication and attention to customer needs. The collaboration is ongoing, and our joint track record already includes:

  • Creating Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions for seamless integration with the DocuSign API and implementing predefined C# code examples;
  • Providing predefined code examples for seven programming languages;
  • Development of websites to showcase DocuSign’s API functionality with real-life examples and demonstrate their solutions to potential clients.

As a token of appreciation for the work done and fruitful collaboration, DocuSign features information about team members who contribute the most to the client’s solution on a special portal. Previously, DocuSign featured our colleague Ksenia Lyubinska, and recently published information about Anna, a software developer at Sigma Software.

Anna Hileta – a Computer Software Engineer at Sigma Software, Lviv

Sigma Software developer acklowledged by DocuSign

Anna joined the project three years ago, initially contributed to writing code for examples and gradually expanded her role to support and develop open-source application samples. The main Sigma Software team consists of four people including Anna, but the team expands to up to twenty people depending on the workload. The primary activity is to support and create code examples based on the newly developed DocuSign API.

“Our project has a highly collaborative work culture and we quickly switch between technologies. Mastering new knowledge has become a habit, and this process happens rapidly. For example, sometimes I have to write extensions for the future release of Visual Studio, and the responsibility for testing and using APIs in development can be challenging. However, we view this as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. In addition, we have many top experts from Sigma Software involved in the DocuSign project, and I often get the chance to work with them and learn something new,” shares Anna.

Sigma Software considers Anna’s inclusion in the customer team as evidence of a longstanding partnership, growth, and mutual trust between the two companies. Highlighting these achievements, Sigma Software aims to reaffirm its commitment to delivering quality IT services and building lasting partnerships with significant clients such as DocuSign. Looking forward to further collaboration, both companies anticipate new milestones.

“Being part of the DocuSign team within Sigma Software is a great honor for me because it’s something I’ve worked hard on, something I can be proud of, and it demonstrates the connection and established collaboration we have with the client. It’s undoubtedly a great opportunity for both me personally and our company. Not everyone gets such a chance,” adds Anna.

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