Eclipse SP accomplished a pilot project for Lavasoft

The world anti-spyware leader involved Eclipse SP in development of the new release of their famous computer security product.

Lavasoft is an international company in anti-spyware sector, which delivers security software solutions worldwide and is famous for its Ad-Aware product. With 350 million Ad-Aware downloads around the world, Lavasoft remains an anti-spyware leader, continuously setting the benchmark for all other security companies in the industry.

“This first accomplishment for the original anti-spyware company makes us proud to meet all their quality requirements. We hope to work with Lavasoft again, providing them with fresh ideas and solutions”, said Vladimir Chirva, Eclipse SP Development Director.

Development & testing were done completely offsite in close cooperation with Sigma Kudos AB. Regarding work results, Lavasoft project manager Vaidas Adomauskas said: “We are happy with code quality too. Therefore, application and code were accepted from development side in Lavasoft. It was very easy and a pleasure working with you!”

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