Eclipse SP advances its experience in Android application development

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As an answer to the growing demands of Android™ based application development, Eclipse SP delivers a brand new client-server application for Android™ platform.

Eclipse SP started to work in mobile software industry since early 2005. Shortly after the open-source version of Android™ was released in 2008, Eclipse SP assigned an efficient team to develop an Android-based solution to match the needs of today’s mobile software market.

The team of scarce specialists in Eclipse SP, which embrace both 5+ years experience of work in mobile industry and excellent knowledge of Java, was assigned to create a unique software solution for the new breed of mobile Android-based phones.

“Android™ is bringing real innovation to the mobile space,” said Egor Goroshko, Development Manager, Eclipse SP. “Our team has a proud history of providing accurate, effective solutions for the embedded and mobile device markets. These new capabilities allow us to continue our success in these markets by providing fast, high quality and a truly unique solution to all our customers.”

The project team developed a distributed application which allows user to exchange various types of information from his/her phone with a dedicated server in Internet. Also this service allows updating it on another phone or sharing it with other users.

“We are well equipped to use Android™ toolkit and cater to the growing demands of Android™ application development,” says Valery Krasovsky, Eclipse SP COO. “From the day into the operation we have been developing a number of solutions for all the major technologies on mobile, and now we are ready to offer highly efficient services in this emerging technology.”

About Android™

Android™ is a software development framework for mobile devices, powered by the Linux kernel, initially developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Android™ is the first free and open mobile platform. It includes everything a manufacturer or operator needs to build a mobile phone, including an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications. Developers can take advantage of the comprehensive software stack to develop innovative applications and compelling services. By contributing to the Android platform, members of the OHA can make it easier for developers to distribute and commercialize their applications. Android™ allows developers to write managed code in the Java language, controlling the device via Google-developed Java libraries

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