Eclipse SP contributes to GAMP quality certification of FormPipe Platina

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Eclipse SP provided FormPipe Software with consulting services in creation and establishment of GAMP-compliant Quality Management System, thus ensuring FormPipe Platina increased value for end users in pharm industry.

FormPipe Software is a software company that offers a range of ECM products, including the proficient and highly adaptable platform FormPipe Platina. A track record of several successful projects in pharmaceutical industry and long-term cooperation with FormPipe helped Eclipse SP to win this aspiring assignment.

In the end of 2009 FormPipe Software decided to transfer part of works related to QMS creation to Eclipse SP quality managers aiming to prepare for external GAMP certification.

“The Quality Management System was created and established by the joint team of FormPipe Software and Eclipse SP specialists. Three rounds of audits were performed by the auditors from vast pharmaceutical company,” says Vlad Turevsky, Eclipse SP Head or Testing Department and GAMP quality expert. “We are very pleased that our work highly contributed FormPipe to enter pharmaceutical market applying joint efforts of our team and Sigma expertise.”

In October 2010 the Quality Management System for FormPipe Platina successfully passed the final audit, which meant it is compliant to international GAMP 5 standard and FormPipe Software is now able to extend their target audience with pharmaceutical companies. Eclipse SP team is currently involved in further QMS-related works.

“We see Eclipse SP as a strong and competent supplier who has succeeded in delivering solutions for one of our important products. Together with Eclipse SP, we are also developing new markets and new offers to the market," says Rasmus Staberg, FormPipe Software CTO.

“The fact that Eclipse SP specialists are skilled in GAMP standards is very valuable for us, as pharmaceutical companies are our target customers now. The team with Eclipse SP manages perfectly to work in geographically distributed teams,” continued Rasmus Staberg.

“We are honored to assist our old-standing partner and customer FormPipe Software in such an interesting assignment and are very happy to add value to our services by utilizing our expertise in pharmaceutical standards area,”  says Valery Krasovsky, Eclipse SP COO.

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