Eclipse SP to Join Sigma Group

Eclipse SP LLC, a Ukrainian IT consulting firm, announces the signing of an official letter of intent to join Sigma Group, ranked as one of the leading IT consultants in Sweden.

Final negotiations are under way and are intended to be completed, including the formal registration of the transaction, not later than in March. Sigma delivers on the international market and focuses on functional undertakings, supplying IT solutions and consulting services to development-intensive customers. Operations are based on entrepreneurially driven niched subsidiaries, which are organized in business areas: Business Solutions, IT Solutions and Information Solutions. The Group has approximately 1,000 employees in Sweden and Denmark.Becoming a part of the Sigma will create a favorable business environment for Eclipse SP to develop business extensively and meet the Eclipse SP mission objectives to be a leading Ukrainian provider of IT consulting services all over the world. This mission smoothly integrates into the Sigma AB corporation vision, to be the “first choice”.

“This transaction provides us the possibility, without jeopardizing quality, to offer our customers undertakings at a considerably lower cost,” says Sune Nilsson, CEO of Sigma. “Our vision for Eclipse SP has always been to provide superior quality IT services and solutions to demanding clients worldwide” said Vladimir Beck, Eclipse SP founder and CEO.

“We believe that joining Sigma will leverage the opportunities of the Group to build partnerships with strong brands along with effective delivery model provided by Eclipse”.

“We are very positive about joining Sigma group, known as a knowledge company with considerable leading-edge expertise” said Valery Krasovsky, Eclipse SP co-founder and COO. “The synergy achieved between ourselves and Sigma will be to benefit of our customers, who will be receiving the same level of service as in the past, enhanced by the broad experience of the Sigma”.

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