Eclipse SP receives extended trust from US rich media design company JLOOP

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Eclipse SP team helped JLOOP to release the new version of a social platform Ringorang within very short timeframe, using the professional project management practices including the Earned Value Management method (EVM). This approach makes Customer confident about budget, time to deliver and results even when the project is done on the time & materials basis.

Since summer, 2009 Eclipse SP had performed several projects for and in cooperation with JLOOP, including the one which required creation of technical documentation set for the Vergence Entertainment product Ringorang. Thanks to the excellent results of those projects, in September JLOOP involved Eclipse SP in a new, now larger, development project. The assignment included development and testing of the Ringorang new version.

“It’s vital to make Customer positive about the costs and overall project results, when we choose time & materials project basis, like in this assignment,” says Alexey Stoletniy, Eclipse SP Account Manager. “In such cases, we use the earned value technique, which allows combining measurements of scope, schedule, and cost in a single integrated system.”

All Eclipse SP tasks were accomplished in time, which helped JLOOP to enhance Ringorang and deliver overall project results to Vergence Entertainment. For the time being, the project is successfully accomplished and the team is looking forward to start new assignments for the Customer, which are on the negotiations phase.

“Thank you so much for your continued support,” says Jay Dysart, CEO at JLOOP. “We are excited to move forward on new projects!”

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