Eclipse SP receives increased show of confidence from FormPipe Software AB

Sigma Software

With a track record of two successful accomplishments for FormPipe Software done in cooperation with Sigma, Eclipse SP team is now entrusted to participate in Platina ECM product evolutionary development.

This August FormPipe Software AB has expanded operations with its old-standing partner Sigma to include new development project to be done by Eclipse SP, member of Sigma Group. For the time being, the team is working to enhance one of FormPipe Software products – Enterprise Content Management platform Platina.

“Eclipse SP and FormPipe Software laid the foundation for collaboration in 2008 with a small QA project, which was considered as a pilot one for proving the value of Eclipse SP services,” says Anatoly Kochetov, Eclipse SP Department Manager. “Being very pleased with the quality of work and the level of the services provided, FormPipe Software decided to outsource further projects to our team.”

Being involved in Platina ECM implementation and sales activities, Eclipse SP has put this experience to a good use in Platina technical review project, which was followed by the development project this August, thus ensuring Platina increased value for end users.

“It is very gratifying that we are receiving the continued trust of our client. The new project is an endorsement for the fact that we have been a stable and reliable service provider to FormPipe Software, and we can see a lot of opportunities for increasing our collaboration in future,” says Valery Krasovsky, Eclipse SP COO.

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