Eclipse SP shared its expertise in distributed and real-time capable systems

Sigma Software

Eclipse SP, a member of Sigma Group, and Zhukovskiy’s National aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (KhAI) have organized a joint technology seminar.

The seminar was targeted at MS and PhD graduates as well as at staged software professionals with a strong interest in distributed applications with real-time capabilities. Main points of the discussion were:

  • Using Subscriber/Consumer technology for data synchronization and transferring in distributed environment on the example of DDS OMG specification.
  • Discussing methods and problems of calculating time latencies in distributed systems.
  • Comparing of classical client-server and message passing models of communications on the example of CORBA based applications and JSM based applications.
  • Problems of building low latency data transfer layers for real-time systems.

The purpose of the seminar was to increase the awareness of the local software development society as to the practical aspects of high-performance software applications development. Today’s real-time systems require robust, high-performance event-based processing, effective data distribution mechanisms. During the seminar, explanations of classical and modern approaches for building distributed real-time applications were presented based on different implementations of industrial specifications like DDS and CORBA by OMG, message passing technologies like Message Passing in QNX RTOS from QSSL and JMS by Sun Microsystems.


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