Eclipse SP specialists become winners in Multithreading and OOD at “Programmania”

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“Programmania” is an annual IT contest, which is hold in three Ukrainian major cities. This year Eclipse SP specialists turned out to be best among thousands of participants in Multithreading and Object-Oriented Design categories, also winning prizes in Classic C++ (C++/STL) and XML.

Eclipse SP, a member of Sigma Group, partnered an annual IT contest “Programmania”, which was held in Ukraine on October 4, 2008.

The company’s stand provided visitors with an information about Eclipse SP projects and possible work sphere for future employees. Also there was demonstrated one of accomplished projects: every visitor could play MS Flight Simulator, where data exchange between the model and visualizer was provided through Eclipse SP product “Standard Link” in real-time conditions. A member of the project’s team detailed the story — this real-time hierarchical database engine for distributed systems is now successfully implemented in a number of companies, and through the use of MS Flight Simulator Eclipse SP specialists made its work easily understandable and visual.

“At Eclipse SP a wide range of possible work directions is available for employees. Challenging projects, new technologies help keeping high level of motivation and interest in one’s work, which are the key points in our company’s strategy,” says Tatiana Tarasenko, Eclipse SP HR manager.

“The highest value at Eclipse SP is our solid and efficient team. On the other side, we put great efforts to train young specialists, providing our future colleagues with free educational programs and welcoming students’ internship. And, of course, every beginner gets the help of experienced colleagues”, says Valery Krasovsky, Eclipse SP COO.

The awarding ceremony took place in Kharkiv on October 22, 2008. Some of the Eclipse SP employees took part in the contest and showed great results in a number of categories: they won 1st place in Multithreading, 1st and 2nd places in Object-Oriented Design, 2nd place in Classic C++ (C++/STL) and 3rd place in XML.

As a partner, Eclipse SP provided “Programmania” with prizes for winners in AJAX/Atlas, Adobe Flash/Flex and Classic C++ (C++/STL) categories.


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