Eclipse SP takes part in Norwegian Research Laboratory project estimation studies

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Eclipse SP, a member of Sigma Group, helped conduct scientific investigation made by Simula Research Laboratory. Fourty Eclipse SP specialists passed the tests dedicated to understanding of estimation accuracy in software development projects.

Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) is a Norwegian research organization, located at Fornebu (just outside of the capital, Oslo), which conducts basic researches in such areas as networks and distributed systems, scientific computing and software engineering. The strong focus on basic research is combined with both teaching of postgraduate students and development of commercial applications.

In November, 2008 Simula’s Research scientist, professor Magne Jørgensen, invited Eclipse SP to take part in major survey being conducted in a number of software companies in Eastern Europe. The results of the survey will answer the request of the University of Oslo to produce improved tools, languages, methodologies and techniques for project estimation.

“We pay a lot of attention to the estimation stage in software development projects. It needs accurate performance being a vital condition for successful project’s accomplishment: fulfilling it results in delivering high-quality solutions to our customers. We are happy to participate in scientific research helping to improve estimation techniques”, said Valery Krasovsky, Eclipse SP COO.

The analysis of the collected data is still in progress, but already providing the researchers with results, potentially leading to improved estimation practices. Research reports can be downloaded from

“Cost analysts help software vendors and their customers to make important quantitative decisions about large systems, often based on little information and with a great deal of uncertainty. Research made by Simula opens up new ways of reducing or managing that uncertainty, which is extremely valuable for all software companies”, said Svetlana Neymyrok, Eclipse SP Key Account Manager.


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