Eclipse SP together with Sigma Solutions announces a contract with leading Finnish tissue paper products supplier

Sigma Software

Eclipse SP and Sigma Solutions, members of Sigma Group, have been awarded a contract to perform renewal of all Customers’ product brand web sites to a SharePoint platform.

Eclipse SPCustomer is a leading tissue paper products supplier to households and large-scale consumers in Europe, and the world’s leading supplier of baking and cooking paper products. Due to good work performed in other assignments for the customers in Sweden and strong technical competence in SharePoint services, Eclipse SP position is this field strengthened and therefore our services are now asked for in Finland as well.

Under new agreement Eclipse SP in cooperation with Sigma Solutions is responsible for renewal of the Customer’s web sites and incorporation of several advanced features, such as Flash elements, location detection, and integration with Google maps, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.

“We are very proud to be chosen to perform this project and look forward to delivering quality SharePoint-based development services during the coming months,” says Anatoly Kochetov, Eclipse SP .NET Solutions Department Manager. “This is going to be challenging project, and we aim to strengthen our cooperation with a new customer with a world class delivery.”

About Sigma Ukraine (previously Eclipse SP)

Sigma Ukraine provides top-quality IT services to customers in such segments as telecommunications, banking and financial services, aerospace, e-business and real estate as well as in the tourism and entertainment industries.

The company’s three major business areas are software development, system integration and IT consulting.

Being ISO 9001:2000 certified Sigma Ukraine provides services to its customers located primarily in Western Europe and the US markets, in which the company has regional offices since early 2005. Sigma Ukraine also has sales and support partners in Switzerland, the UK, Germany and Austria.

Since April 2006, Sigma Ukraine is a member of Sigma.

Sigma – One of Sweden’s Leading IT Consultancies. Sigma delivers to an international market and concentrates on functional undertakings. Sigma is continuously ranked against strong competition as one of the leading IT consultancies in Sweden. Sigma is listed on the O-List of the Stockholm Stock Exchange and employs about 1,300 people in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Germany, France, China and Ukraine.

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