Embedded Systems Unleashed: Interview with an Expert

Bogdan Kostiv

Embedded systems are changing the world around. Today it is hard to imagine our everyday life without them. Mobile devices, household appliances, cars, healthcare equipment – we use embedded software in almost every possible area.

This March the international exhibition “Embedded World 2017” named the following trends in embedded development: Internet of Things and associated security issues, evolution of embedded systems in the automotive field, and autonomous driving.

Let us take a look at the current position of embedded systems to get a clue on what future awaits them. Our expert, Bohdan Kostiv, senior specialist on embedded development at Sigma Software.

The rise of embedded development began not so long ago. However, its history dates back to the advent of electronics. Why it becomes so popular only today?

Embedded Systems UnleashedIn fact, the demand for embedded systems was always high. Yet earlier there were certain difficulties related to undercapacity and high prices for hardware solutions. While today we see a growing number of interesting solutions appearing on the market; and many of them can serve as a base for building embedded systems. The unseen spread of wearable devices and the increasing popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) also play an important role in embedded systems’ uprise.

By the way, these days embedded development is very popular as a hobby. This became possible due to a wide availability of special platforms: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 / ESP32, etc. In other words, bringing idea to life and releasing an embedded solution to the market today is much easier than it was, say, ten years ago. Hence, we can see the growing interest for the field.

How embedded will develop in the nearest future?

I think we will see a quick growth in many areas, but there are several ones, where tremendous changes are expected.

First of all, it’s the Internet of Things. The main vectors for development here are security enhancement, creating and upgrading IoT platforms. Basically, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and other known companies have already released quite mature platforms. The trend will persist for the upcoming decade.

Mechanical engineering settled the next door. Systems will become more and more complicated; we are going to face huge improvements of ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) and explosive development of autopilots. Although these systems are primarily designed for cars, here you can find great opportunities for other areas: logistics, agriculture, military, and others.

Last, but not the least, new controllers and embedded platforms will make further steps forward. Vendors tend to provide tools for simplifying work with low-level hardware. Thus, developers today progressively focus on designing top levels of software. This results in another trend - popularization of high-level programming languages.

Finally, I`d like to note, that along with the evolution of embedded systems, their testing will become more and more complicated.

How embedded systems influence other areas?

Generally speaking, embedded systems allow expanding and improving existing solutions, make them smarter and add new functionality. Your products become more comprehensive, thus attracting new customers. This is how, actually, embedded can interact with each and every business.

Embedded Systems Unleashed

With the development of various gadgets, wearable electronics, Internet of Things, we now discover many promising directions for embedded systems. Available platforms simplify building new solutions and reduce time to market. It`s a good basis for business grow and profit increase.

By the way, I believe one of the great indicators of the embedded systems success is the number of startups that appear every year in the embedded field.

How long Sigma Software provides embedded development services and what it can offer to its Customers.

Sigma Software has been engaged in embedded development for over 5 years. We had a huge knowledge base, so we had something to start from. This allowed us to provide full cycle systems development: from the idea to the ready solution. Over the years, we have accumulated a deep experience in developing low-level solutions and learned how to optimize the cost of the product with their help.

Basically, that’s what we specialize in:

  • low-level development,
  • IoT development,
  • control and automation systems creation,
  • development of graphical interfaces,
  • embedded systems testing (unit testing, HIL, SIL, PIL, MIL).

We had a chance to create and test embedded systems for various areas, including audio drivers development for a new smartphone; audio, video, and WLAN drivers creation of for the customer in military field; a smart house system to monitor electricity consumption in real-time; modules and systems for cars testing, and more.

Start your embedded project with us: getstarted@sigma.software

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