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Nowadays, organizations have more data than ever before. Data Science tools and solutions extract valuable insights from large data and use it effectively to drive results. Findings from big data analysis can transform the way businesses operate helping you not just to understand customers and products better, but also make decisions faster.

Today, data science is employed across a wide range of industries to solve various analytical problems. In the marketing industry, understanding such data as customer age, gender, location, and behavior allows making highly targeted campaigns. In the banking, finding out certain “weird” client actions aids in detecting fraud. In healthcare, analyzing patients’ medical records shows the probability of having diseases, etc.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Sigma Software has a dedicated team, which can turn data to your biggest advantage. Anatoly Kochetov, Delivery Director at Sigma Software, says: “Data Science embraces a number of areas; let us focus on just some of them.

Forecasting algorithms help to predict the future based on the knowledge of the past. Analyzing combinations of related data sets to reveal relationships is perhaps the oldest form of insight. Data Science and Machine Learning can incessantly go through myriads of data sets to predict future sales, trading exchange, and prices.” Anatoly continues: “For instance, we apply predictive analytics at the development of video exchange platform for our strategic partner, 1 by Aol. Special features allow gathering and proceeding data to make forecasts for the future periods. Let`s say a video gained a million views in three previous months. With the Forecasting module, we predict its popularity for the next period. Using the historical data and knowing users’ behavior, we can boost the profit from the platform.”

Another area, where our Data Science expertise can be useful, is fraud detection, which defines unwanted or illegal actions to a software system and can significantly decrease damage. Using past purchase histories, location, store, time of the day, and descriptions of items being purchased, credit card company computers attempt to detect in real time whether a particular transaction is likely to be fraudulent.

“Among the projects we have successfully implemented is a procurement planning solution that brought sales prediction accuracy growth by more than 10%; a sentiment analysis app that allows learning what social media users think about a brand, product, or event; a system that completely automates the process of CVs analysis and whether candidates fit company's requirements, and others,” adds Maxim Kovtun, Solution Architect at Sigma Software. We already have valuable field experience, elaborated tried-and-tested approaches, and use processes that proved to be relatively risk free. So, we are ready to become your major partner for Data Science & Predictive Analytics.”

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