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The Infotainment is a hot trend in the recent years, and the global infotainment market will demonstrate an excellent growth further on according to experts’ forecasts. Following the trend, we have successfully delivered vehicles-on-board equipment interaction projects in 2016.

Now when technology ensures wireless communications in most locations, the car becomes the source of information and entertainment. The developing mobile ecosystems create a call for connected cars. Automobile users expect seamless integration of the vehicle infotainment system; the increasing demand and necessity to comply with new industry standards motivate carmakers to join the connected lifestyle chase. Obviously, the producers, which win the chase and offer efficient, open, and easy-to-use in-vehicle infotainment, will lead the market, and we can help in that with our in-depth experience in the area.

Infotainment competence


Maxim Kovtun, Solution Architect at Sigma Software, tells about one of company`s projects in the infotainment area:

“In the moment our team is engaged in development of the solution that helps car owners monitor fuel consumption, compare prices and quality of fuel at various gas stations, determine the vehicle speed, at which the fuel consumption is the most optimal. This application compares the fuel consumption under the same conditions, taking into account various data such as the outside air temperature, the number of passengers in the car, the speed, whether the car is driven in the city or on the highway, etc. The system also allows reviewing the history of refills, calculating the amount spent on fuel over a certain period: few days, a week, a month, or a year.”

“Earlier this year we have delivered several infotainment solutions for the world leaders in the automotive industry,” adds Anatoly Kochetov, Head of Microsoft solutions at Sigma Software. “We offer our customers infotainment apps development for OpenCar, Android, OpenXC, and QNX platforms. These apps enable online support and dealer contact; extended functionality for taxi, cargo, and logistics; remote vehicle and on-board equipment control; device-to-device communication, and more. Our solutions are based on our deep knowledge of the automotive domain and IoT competence and enriched with polished UX scenarios and graphics, which together create responsive and natural-to-use in-car infotainment systems appealing to car users.”

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