Eventful months for Sigma Software

Sigma Software

The first six months of the year were quite eventful for Sigma Software. We have successfully completed a series of major projects, laid the foundations for mutually beneficial cooperation with number of companies, many of which are world leaders in different areas. We are actively developing partner relations with Ukrainian and European educational institutions. And lastly, this summer Sigma Software has become a team of 500 specialists.

We are continuing our cooperation with Incit AB — a Swedish IT company, which develops its own product, Incit Xpand, an ERP system for real estate management. Our joint work on the product started in 2010. During this time, we have earned high trust from the Customer, who is sure that the quality of our work remains on the high level regardless of all the recent turbulence in mass media. Our team was extended recently and continues to grow.

Sigma Software strengthens its competence in creation of comprehensive e-commerce solutions for automotive industry. To make the development of such products much easier, the Sigma Software engineers have been working on the e-commerce platform that will allow Clients to save time and money on the further similar projects.

We are expanding cooperation with our long-term customers from telecom industry and healthcare. Moreover, we are improving our mobile competence by developing native mobile applications for iOS and Android, actively developing design expertise, leveraging Data Science area.

We continue the work on the video content sharing platform Vidible, which was purchased lately by the US leading media conglomerate. The team of 25 specialists in close cooperation with developers from the US, Ireland and Israel, creates a virtual real-time system that will allow producers and consumers of video content to transact in the smartest way.

Our work on IT education improvement does not stop either. We have participated in a number of events in universities and colleges in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv. This year we started cooperation with two Lviv higher educational establishments, conducted winter and summer training for about 200 students of 2-4 years of study, and participated in TEMPUS project activities, aimed at strengthening cooperation between educational institutions, research institutes and business in Ukraine.

Such rapid development requires a significant team expansion. This summer the 500th specialist has joined our big team. We are constantly looking for talented people. If you are an active and self-driven person, come and join us.

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