Extending our package with a new CTO-as-a-Service offering

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Building a tech startup requires a range of skills—from sales and marketing to broad knowledge of technologies to verifying business models. For many founders, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is critical, but it’s not always possible to bring one aboard. Sometimes it’s a budget issue, and sometimes it’s just hard to find the right balance of competencies to work on that next great idea. Sigma Software’s CTO-as-a-Service offering provides all of that “ready-made,” which liberates startup founders to focus on what they do best.

As an example, Sigma Software has been cooperating with Ringorang Worldwide for many years. Ringorang is a software product and company based in the U.S. that delivers groundbreaking mobile learning and engagement. Today Ringorang is the #1 learning retention app that brings measurable habits with enterprise employees and their customers.

Since 2009, Sigma Software has participated in the development of the Ringorang apps and its cloud-based system. Recently we advanced to a new level of partnership by launching our CTO-as-a-Service offering for Ringorang.

“CTO-as-a-Service is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. First, you don’t need to spend a lot of time finding the right CTO. Startups are always eager to reduce time-to-market. Second, rarely can you find a CTO with the breadth of knowledge and experience to meet a startup’s requirements, so they also have to staff up under the CTO and that can be very expensive for an early stage company. So instead of trying to manage part-time resources to save money, it is much more efficient and effective to embrace our CTO-as-a-Service offering,says Katherine Tuluzova, Head of PMO at Sigma Software Inc., USA.

A startup CTO should be an expert the company can fully rely on. It is not just a person who manages the technical side of product development; it is a deeply experienced innovator and businessperson who takes responsibility as if he or she was the owner of the product,” says Alexey Stoletny, Managing Director at Sigma Software Inc., USA. “And, of course, a single person is never enough. Startups need an agile team to manage so many protocols and requirements and market changes. At Sigma Software, we have everyone a startup could need under one roof – strategists, developers, project managers, test engineers, and designers. For startups, it is a unique opportunity to adopt enterprise-level experience that is self-contained, carefully managed and affordable.”

B. Wayne Barkley, President & Co-Founder at Ringorang Worldwide LLC, shares in his video interview:

“The CTO is obviously one of the most important positions, where not only experience is important, but also the ability to execute, knowing our long-term and short-term plans, knowing our business needs as well as the latest technologies. A balanced CTO is what we actually found at Sigma Software. They have opened up opportunities for us to develop our product and company in ways that we would not have with a more limited internal team.”

“It is a big pleasure for us to be a partner to Ringorang and help bridge the gap between the business vision and the technical decisions through our CTO-as-a-Service offering. The market is showing great interest in this cooperative model, and we are proud to be among the first companies providing our Customers with such a valuable service,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.

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