We’ve devised an effective work approach for our three major customer types: enterprises, startups and product houses offering software product development, support and maintenance, and custom software creation, including mobile development and IT consulting. We have advanced skills in many different solutions, like e-commerce platforms, document management, business support systems, and processes automation.

Do you offer any type of satisfaction guarantee or revisions of completed work?

At the beginning of a project, it often happens that the customer does not know what they will get at the output. They typically have some vision, although there is no clear understanding about how the product should function, what technology to choose, which features are crucial and which are not, etc. The process of defining all these details is not an easy task. It can result in rethinking and reworking of the whole concept. To make sure customers will receive exactly what they want, we go all the way of requirement clarification together with them.

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