Gaining extensive ERP development background in cooperation with Incit AB

Sigma Software

Back in 2010, Sigma Software started cooperation with Incit AB, a Swedish IT company, which develops its own ERP system called Xpand. Our first task was to create a new Xpand module. Six and a half years later, we are an important and trusted part of the team with 19 engineers in Ukraine.

Extensive ERP development background Incit Xpand allows managing real estate properties and has more than 30 modules responsible for simplifying accounting, facilitating renting processes, collecting various kinds of data, and many more. This year was very successful for our Customer. Incit Xpand, a big part of which was developed by Sigma Software specialists, has further expanded its customer base and won a large amount of tenders. Ukrainian part of the team has performed a number of Xpand adoptions for new customers and integrations with existing end clients’ solutions.

“ERP systems became an integral part of organizations willing to streamline and optimize internal business processes,” says Anton Marukha, Account Manager at Sigma Software. “For 6.5 years Sigma Software team has been involved in development of Incit Xpand ERP, owned by our Customer, Incit AB. Over this time we have accumulated hands-on experience in development of a complex and comprehensive solution, which has a number of modules and easily integrates with other products.”

Peter Nielsen, Development Manager at Incit:

“Over the years Incit Xpand has been improving, evolving, and gaining new customers. We really appreciate the contribution of Sigma Software team in the product success. They always perform at a high level and know the industry specifics well. This is what differentiates them from many IT services providers. We are looking forward for further cooperation, I`m sure it will be just as fruitful and productive.”

“ERP solutions are quite complex to develop, as they deal with all aspects of business, and businesses are very different, really complicated, and have a number of specifics, which should be taken into account. When creating an ERP, you should have a deep understanding of business domain, software architecture, target users, project workflow, and all the aspects of industry sector,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software. “This is where we`re strong, as we already have years of experience in ERP systems creation. It is proved by the fact that we work with Incit for so many years and that our cooperation only expands over time.”

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