Gaming Suppliers Concerns and How Tech Can Help: Takeaway from ICE LONDON

February 4-6, 2020, the World´s largest B2B-gaming exhibition took place in London. ICE London welcomed over 35 thousand attendees to explore the future of Gaming and drive revenues through invaluable meetings and networking opportunities.

Amidst the ringing of slot machines and blinking of game screens, my colleague Sergey Logvinenko, Delivery Manager, Gambling, and I immersed ourselves in innovative solutions and networking of the gaming world gathered by ICE London. With over 600 of suppliers and more than 150 countries represented on the show floor, we got a nice outlook at what makes the gaming industry ticking and what challenges operators struggle to solve.

Gaming Suppliers - ICE London 2020
Gaming Suppliers - ICE London 2020

Luckily, some of those challenges can be solved using a mixture of technology and domain experience as we do it at Sigma Software. So, let’s discuss those in details.

Gaming Operators Concerns and How Tech Can Help

  • Cost-reduction

An ever-green concern for literally any business is making it as cost-efficient as possible. The cost reduction or cost effectiveness requires a comprehensive corporate strategy. However, being in a loop of everyday processes, these things can be left out of the consideration. Here, at Sigma Software, having 10+ years’ experience in this domain, we have all the tools to cut operating expenses for gaming companies. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that our tools are all rooted in technology: modernization and optimization of cloud hosting infrastructure, identifying of inefficient modules, legacy elements, gaps and bottlenecks, as well as the software, which is costly to maintain.

  • Providing for increased loads

Seamless operation and no lags are taken for granted by players. So, while most of gaming studios have put massive games production on track, we turn attention to the back stage, which is equally important for effective Suppliers’ tech operation. With high-load backend systems, a tech supplier can ensure reliability, fault tolerance and performance redundancy of the system and get its players happy.

  • Fraud detection and trends forecasting

Being protected from frauds and ready for what is coming – there is a way to reach this, and it is hidden in data. Real-time predictive analysis and monitoring, applied to operator’s data sets, bring valuable information and insights. Determining abnormal behavior, providing player rewards and recommendations, establishing realistic odds, and many more things possible when rights skills are combined with Big Data gathered by gaming suppliers. At Sigma Software, we have in-house competence centers that do all this and more.

  • Ideas for Slot Games

Gambling suppliers operate at the high turnover with tight release schedules that may reach up to 4 games a month. With a high-speed pipeline of games created, ideas are in brisk demand. Suppliers initiate ideation hubs to grabble for new approaches, new audiences, new ways to appeal to people. In this situation, the suppliers face a great challenge when the ideation process has to be equally backed up by its realization. To help them meet the demand for ideas, service companies and game development studios can augment their art divisions placing greater focus on the creative side of the game development process.

Suppliers will naturally rely on the services of game studios, which cover the whole range of games development – maths, back office, UI, game art and animation, sound design, compliance, QA, etc.

  • Analyzing Customer Behavior

With the constantly changing rules for responsible gambling and advertising restrictions, gambling operators need to know their customers better than ever before. AI and BI algorithms provide valuable patterns of players’ behavior and allow for and curbing addictive behavior.

Of course, there are many more troubles that don’t let operators and suppliers sleep at night. Just a couple of them: Apple’s ban on apps publishing using HTML5 code, regulations compliance different in each country, and as for the US – in each state, skilled resources (Malta is struggling to find the resources, facing severe competition and high attrition rate), etc. And every trouble needs its medication.

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