Highest Ever Scores for Customer Satisfaction

Every year the Sigma Software Quality Department runs a Customer Satisfaction Survey to detect the level of customer satisfaction with the services and solutions we provide, to define areas of improvement, and to take steps to become even better. The results of 2023 Survey have arrived, and they are remarkable.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023 revealed that Sigma Software not just sustained the reputation as a premier IT service provider but also set a new benchmark in customer satisfaction. Our company achieved a historic NPS of 70 and satisfaction scores, signaling that our commitment to quality is valued by our clients.

The highest-ever NPS achieved equals 70, which is a 5-point increase compared to the previous year.

The overall satisfaction by categories is 98%, which is also the highest score ever.

Customer satisfaction scores

The satisfaction is evaluated in 8 categories, including Quality, Communications, Customer Care, Technical Skills, Domain knowledge, Project Management, Ability to Meet Deadlines, Efficiency.
Compared to last year, satisfaction has increased in 7 out of 8 areas. Customer Care and Quality are the areas with the highest levels of satisfaction, both receiving a perfect score of 100%.

“One of the main objectives for Sigma Software is to establish long-term trustworthy relations with our customers, to understand what customers like about cooperation with us and what can be improved. We value the feedback that customers provide us, and I thank every customer who took the time to fill out the Survey. We will carefully examine all the answers and do our best to address the areas that need attention,” says Evgeniy Bachinsky, Quality Director at Sigma Software.

About the Survey
Sigma Software has been conducting the Customer Satisfaction Survey since 2016. The evaluation is performed in eight different areas: Team Efficiency, Communication with the Customer, Quality of Products Delivered, Project Management, Domain Knowledge, Technical Skills, Ability to Meet Deadlines, and Customer Care. These areas are equally weighted in importance for all types of companies we work with. In addition to these areas, customers evaluate the level of overall satisfaction with our cooperation. The respondents are also asked how likely they were to recommend Sigma Software to others, which is a standard question used to measure the Net Promoter Score.

The reason for conducting the Customer Satisfaction Survey is our commitment to non-stop progress of our expertise, growing specific competences, as well as implementing best practices of software development and project management.

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