How We Went to Stockholm Tech Fest 2017

Anton Marukha

Sigma Software team visited STHLM Tech Fest to tell about Ukrainian software development and product management expertise and present our new CTO-as-a-Service offering to startup founders.

Three days, September 3 to 5, Stockholm welcomed startup founders, investors, designers, developers, and journalists at STHLM Tech Fest. This event, being an embodiment of Stockholm startup movement idea, originated in 2013. It was founded by Tyler Crowley who was invited to Stockholm by Swedish government to give boost to the local startup community.

Stockholm Tech Fest 2017

A large group of experts from Sigma Software arrived at Stockholm Tech Fest 2017. Our company has a wide experience of working with startups, so their aim was to share our attains at company’s booth at the event and during the workshop we’ve held. One of the visitors of STHLM Tech Fest from Sigma Software, Anton Marukha, Senior Project Manager and Account Manager, agreed to share his impressions of the event.

Stockholm Tech Fest 2017"For me everything started with a dinner for Tech Fest participants at Stadshuset, the building of the Municipal Council of Stockholm. It is famous for its grand ceremonial halls and is the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet. At the banquet the Swedish king & queen host the Nobel prize winners. After spending time in this amazing place we have entered into the inventive spirit and were ready to do our best at communications and workshops.

The second day we spent at our booth talking to visitors and other participants about Sigma Software services and Ukraine in general. Our AR/VR expertise, including MS Hololens with the apps we’ve created, was traditionally popular among the visitors of our booth. This was my first visit to Stockholm Tech Fest and I was impressed with the number of startups presented, creative atmosphere and entrepreneurial spirit. Among the participants I’ve noticed many startups in the area of telecom and multimedia, FinTech and MedTech, as well as GDPR consultancy companies.

I was particularly inspired by the presentation Future of Innovation and two unbelievable companies. The first one is Northvolt, the company building Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery factory. They believe that electrification and storage are the keys to a carbon neutral society. Their intent is to speed up the pace of change by producing lower cost batteries. And they are going to achieve this by developing an entire industry from the ground up. I hope they will succeed!

The other company is a startup creating the world’s first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet. What they want to do is an air taxi for up to 5 people that would make a travel from London to Paris as quick as one hour. I wonder how long would it take to travel from Kyiv to Stockholm by the Lilium Jet?

Stockholm Tech Fest 2017The main event of the third day for us was, of course, the workshop Sigma Software organized together with Wellstreet investment company. It was devoted to our company new offerings for startups – CTO-as-a-Service. The idea is simple - startup founders with business background have no time to handle all technical issues by themselves, while hiring a good CTO is not a walk in the park, so several of our clients requested if we could provide it as a service. In terms of this offering, we’ve designed development strategies specific for startups based on the factors most important for them: efficient work in conditions of extreme uncertainty and multitasking, reduced time-to-market, ability to quickly respond to changes, cost efficiency.

We had a special guest at the event, Haider Abdo, founder of Returnado, a great product for handling returns in e-commerce. Haider has been successfully working with Sigma Software for about a year and workshop visitors had lots of questions about his experience in using various services from Sigma Software. Our other guests were representatives from investment sector, Sïmon Saneback from Wellstreet, and Ted Bowman, software and investment expert and consultant. Ted also did a great job as workshop moderator. I want to say a big THANKS to Haider, Ted, and Sïmon for experience sharing and valuable input!

At the conclusion of the workshop, we’ve presented two prizes to the most active participants. The first one was a paid flight to Kyiv and a visit to Sigma Software office. It was won by Anders Börde from Mobilized Learning AB. The second prize was free 40 hours of design works and it went to Lucas Langen from Brandzy. Hope the winners will make good use of their presents and can’t wait to see our guest in Kyiv!”

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