IAOP Recognition: Strategic Partnership with a Digital Transformation Partner

Sigma Software

Sigma Software has been selected for IAOP’s Recognition for Excellence in Strategic Partnerships for our cooperation with Middleware Inc, a US-based tech company that creates an operating system and application software for digitalizing businesses.

In addition to our company being featured in 2021 The Global Outsourcing 100 List as a Leader, we now have one more point of pride due to our partnership with Middleware Inc. IAOP marks our Excellence in Strategic Partnerships in the area of digital transformation. The 2021 Global Outsourcing 100 recognizes the world's best outsourcing service providers and advisors. This list is based on applications received; judging is based on a rigorous scoring methodology that includes an independent review by an independent panel of IAOP customer members with extensive experience in selecting outsourcing service providers and advisors for their organizations.

Digital transformation is a significant trend of the past years, as well as the years to come, since offline business models are becoming less effective over time. Companies walking this path often face various difficulties that depend greatly on a specific domain or organization size. If we take a look at the enterprise segment, their biggest pain here is a so-called accumulated complexity: a wide stack of technologies, complex processes that have been formed for many years and are used in different systems. Such legacy solutions are very difficult to rebuilt and put on new rails making them work in a new way.

Sigma Software cooperation with Middleware allows to solve this problem fast and in a painless way. Taking flagship Middleware product, Corezoid platform, as a basis Sigma Software helps its customers around the globe to successfully go through digital transformation, streamline their processes, and minimize products` time-to-market.

IAOP Strategic Partnership Recognition 2021

Startups have other pains. They are looking for maximum speed to enter the market and start making money. They also need a tool that would allow them to test their products, check if their assumptions are actually right, if they’ve found their target audience, if the product is handy to use, if it is used as it was supposed to, if business model works as expected, etc. With Sigma Software-Middleware cooperation, startups now have a very fast and low-cost platform allowing them to test their ideas and implement changes to the processes and the product itself on the fly.

Sigma Software has an in-depth engineering experience and an impressive track record of business processes automation. The company`s experts worked with over a dozen domains and know all the nuances of working with enterprises, product houses, and startups. Our specialists are able to “teach” the product to interact with any systems and components our customers use. Coupled with new opportunities that Middleware technology stack brings, it provides the strength to support our customers on their way to the digital future. Moreover, through this cooperation, Middleware enters new markets, expands its client base with different types of clients working in various segments, gets access to major players with strict requirements for their suppliers.

The distinctive feature of this offer is that no other solution on the market allows to assemble digital processes and start using them with end-users so fast and so easily.

As a part of our partnership with Middleware Inc., Sigma Software furnished a business process management solution based on Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine and Control.events for Diia.Business, a national entrepreneurship development project initiated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation. Customization, integration, and support of the solution were provided by Sigma Software as our company's contribution to the digital transformation of the Ukrainian government services and support of Ukrainian businesses and startups.

“This partnership is a bright example of synergy, when partners together can and achieve more than they would achieve separately. We create additional value for each other as partners, and we offer our clients outstanding opportunities when it comes to digitalizing their businesses. A digital transformation is no longer an option, but something a company cannot survive without in the new reality,” says Hanna Khrystianovych, Fintech Program Manager at Sigma Software. “With Middleware comprehensive solution, our offer in the field of digitalization has strengthened with one more powerful tool that allows responding to the needs of customers in any domain and in any digital channel, achieving the target speed of introducing changes and launching new services to the market, ensuring transparency and measurability of the organizations` processes. This collaboration is called to ensure Sigma Software and Middleware customers with even greater value in the development of their business.”

“True collaboration is an essential component of any successful partnership,” said Debi Hamill, IAOP CEO. “We see this every year in our Global Outsourcing 100 applicants that are contributing their success to strategic partnerships. For that, IAOP is thrilled to congratulate Sigma Software as a recipient of the 2021 Excellence in Strategic Partnerships Recognition.”

Last year, Sigma Software was awarded IAOP’s Recognition for Excellence in Strategic Partnerships for our cooperation with DanAds, a startup company working in the AdTech industry. The story of our partnership started in 2016, then continued with getting impressive names among their clients, and expending our cooperation with new team members and new services.

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