iGB Live! 2018: Highlights

Natalya Zheltukhina

The year 2018 event calendar had a huge mark - the iGaming Super Show, EiG and Amsterdam Affiliate Conference merged into a single event iGB Live! The show united all iGaming players and lasted for three days, 17th - 20th July 2018 at the Amsterdam RAI.

Sigma Software iGaming enthusiasts, Sergey Logvinenko, Delivery and Account Manager in Gambling and Enterprise solutions, and Natalya Zheltukhina, Partner Network Manager, brought some insights from the event.

iGB Live! 2018 Highlights from Sigma SoftwareNatalya Zheltukhina:

“According to the organizer’s count, the event gathered 5,000 attendees from over 100 countries. The visitors represented all parties of the gaming industry: affiliates, operators, regulators, and suppliers. Members of governmental authorities from the Netherlands, France, Malta, and Romania gave speeches regarding various regulatory issues in the field of gambling.

Our offering at the event included innovative solutions – PoC realized for VR Sportsbook, targeted advertising, AR geolocation platform, chatbot, and more.

VR Sportsbook is a new aggregator of quick totalizers and we believe that tomorrow belongs to it. This aggregator allows you to place bets in the right moment, add any statistics or live data screens of your choice, compare bets from different providers, move the screens just swiping, and follow tens of events on different screens. While working on VR Sportsbook Proof-of-Concept, we’ve combined our experience in betting solutions development with innovative technologies of virtual and augmented reality.

iGB Live! 2018 Highlights from Sigma SoftwareAnother offering created together with DanAds company is based on DanAds’ self-service advertising platform and exploits the platform’s extended targeting capabilities. By showing game advertizing only to your carefully selected target audience, you improve traffic conversion and, eventually your commissions.

An aspect of gaming company operation which is rarely discussed at gaming events is the personnel orientation and management. However, working in a company uniting hundreds of IT professionals, we at Sigma Software understand that efficient personnel management is the foundation for all other activities of any company. So, we used this possibility to introduce Sigma Software Chatbot to iGaming community.

The chatbot is an integral part of business automation process. It responds to frequently asked questions related to company internal processes, simplifies newcomers introduction to the company internal processes, rules, and practices, educates employees and improves their satisfaction rate and motivation.”


Sergey Logvinenko:

“The organizers presented a new format that has united three events into one: the iGaming Super Show, EiG, and Amsterdam Affiliate Conference. Since this is the first time the event is held in this new format, we didn’t know what we would find there. As is turned out, the show was more “chamber-like” in comparison to world-level events, such as ICE Totally Gaming. This resulted in a more relaxed and clubby atmosphere with great networking opportunities.

iGB Live! 2018 Highlights from Sigma Software


iGB Live! 2018 Highlights from Sigma SoftwareAmong the participants, we saw many affiliates, suppliers with some operators present. We were proud to meet many Ukrainian iGaming companies, including Boss Gaming Studio, Slotegrator, VulkanBet, and others.

It is always great to meet your customers face to face. So, we snatched the opportunity to shake hands with our long-time partners, IGT and Play’n Go.

Since we’ve been actively expanding our gambling domain this year developing innovative solutions, integrating, and supporting various back office solutions for gaming operators, we had a lot of things to show and talk about.”

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