Incit – 3 years of successful cooperation. Dedicated team for Customer’s ERP system

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Incit AB is a Swedish IT company, which develops its own product, Incit Xpand, an ERP system for real estate management. The Sigma Ukraine team has now reached more than 3 years of work on migration and development of it.

In early 2010, Incit AB started a cooperation with Sigma Ukraine with a pilot project to develop a new module for Incit Xpand. After acceptance, the project team was assigned to continuous work on Incit Xpand to migrate it from FoxPro to Microsoft .NET, customize it for different clients and develop new functionality using .NET, WPF, and MS SQL Server. During 2012 Sigma Ukraine also started doing mobile development for Incit, including Windows 8, iOS and Android projects.

“Currently we have a team of 15+ developers and testers working for Incit, but at the very beginning there were just a few of us. One of the first challenges was to learn the business domain and understand what was already implemented in the previous generation of the system to start migration to MS .NET,” says Anton Marukha, Incit Account Manager at Sigma Ukraine. “The team on the client’s side consists of about 25 specialists and we work closely together day-to-day. We have a great level of communication – this is very important on such a large and long-term project.”

Late autumn 2012 Incit won a contract for big real estate company and needed quick customization of the system according to the client’s requests. For this, Incit invited two Sigma Ukraine specialists to work onsite for a month. 

Mats Lindberg, Senior Developer, Business Analyst and rental modules responsible at Incit AB commented on their work, “Today I have received some feedback and our client is very impressed with what we have achieved so far. We are stars compared to their other vendors! Thanks a lot for your achievements!” 


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