It may sound surprising, but the idea of an immersive geo scale product came from retail. We discussed developing an AR solution for a large retail company to create a completely new experience for their customers.

The idea developed and transformed into a whole next gen platform for AR games on mobile and wearables. What we’ve created is a large-scale immersive AR technology suitable for creating next-gen games and more. And we made the Black Snow AR game as a showcase of the platform’s capabilities.

Sounds big. How many people have worked on creating the platform?

The core tech team is very compact and includes just six people. The total number of people involved in the project is much bigger of course.

More than 40 specialists took part in the development of the AR platform and Black Snow game – developers, game designers, testers, artists, animators, media engineers, lawyers, and marketing experts.

Vlad Beck at VR Sci Fest 2017