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Photo credit: IT Arena

Travelling around the world to visit IT conferences, summits, and fests, we enjoy meeting IT specialists from other countries and sharing knowledge with them. However, welcoming visitors who came to an event at your motherland is a double pleasure. That’s why IT Arena is a special event for us in Sigma Software and we support it every year.

The year 2018 IT Arena continued to grow and attracted about 2,5 thousands IT specialists, company managers, startup founders, and latest technology enthusiasts that came to listen to world-known speakers, take part in Startup Competition, roam around the city center from one meetup to another.

Our presence at IT Arena included our booth in the Expo Zone, a meetup from our Delivery Director, and a delegation of visitors. Extensively investing in R&D Labs in Sigma Software offices, we surely were happy to share our innovative developments at our booth. The most spectacular of them are based on Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.


Mobile AR App

At IT Arena 2018, we presented a mobile AR app featuring a cartoon Einstein character developed specifically for the event. This AR app shows how easy it is to create your own AR-equipped products, and that the devices you already possess provide you with all means to use AR.

Innovative Products Developed by Sigma Software (for HoloLens and Portables)

Virtual board: The app provides a common space for interactions, thus creating a participation effect even for people in different locations. Two or more colleagues being apart from each other can put on HoloLenes glasses, run Virtual Board, and discuss project or ideas drawing on the board provided in the app, which everyone will see in front of themselves.

IT Arena 2018 - HoloLens at Sigma Software BoothAR game platform: An in-house development of Sigma Software together with an American investor, a  serial entrepreneur. An MVP version built using Unity technology is expected to be released by the end of this year.

The platform features for new applications include:

  • Current location visualization in 3D with the possibilities to observe application elements on the spot
  • Positioning AR objects on the map
  • Movement of AR objects according to pre-defined rules or user’s commands
  • Real world view – displaying AR objects in “real world” according to the position on the map

Technologies: Unity, Playfab, Java 8, Spring Boot 2, Lombok, Maven, 3ds Max.

Visual recognition embedded system Nvidia Jetson TX2: It is an embedded system-on-module (SoM). The system was designed in our R&D Lab in Odesa. It was built as an industrial platform for deploying computer vision and deep learning technologies. Our aim was to run pre-trained neural networks at a portable device with low power consumption for real-time object recognition. Low power consumption and industrial standards compliance allow using the platform in robotic engineering and for industrial tasks. We managed to reach FP16 compute performance greater than 1TFLOPS with less than 7.5 watts of power.

Possible applications of the system in combination with neural networks:

  • Security and access control systems
  • Industrial processes, control, and analysis of industrial processes (deviations from the norm)
  • Robotic engineering: smart drones and delivery bots
  • Smart city and smart house solutions

Technologies: Single Shot MultiBox Detector (SSD) with COCO SSD 300 trained model. Open CV 3.4.0, Caffe and PyCaffe.

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Meetup on Risk Management with Anatoliy Kochetov, Delivery Director at Sigma Software

Anatoliy Kochetov joined Sigma Software in 2008 and went all the way up the career ladder having tested all positions from a software developer, a team lead, a project manager and a department manager to a delivery director. His productivity and drivenness are sensational, and his determination in digging to the roots of events help him find ways to improve operation processes.

Meetup by Anatoly Kochetov - Sigma Software

Photo credit: IT Arena

In his speech that gathered over 50 listeners, Anatoliy told about problem formulation and creating an efficient customer risk story. Emphasized in his recommendations was providing a solution for the problem that is presented to the customer and clearly identify what action and when you wait in response. Another advice he gave to the audience was to complement your risk identification techniques with the following: consulting your team on what risks they foresee, consulting your mentor or manager (they’ve been there), checking your company risk matrix if any.

Finally, Anatoliy recommended expecting for failures. And having a plan for sorting things out. The visitors than got a participant activity and proposed their strategies for handling various risk cases.


Impressions of our Colleagues that Visited IT Arena

The increasing number of people from our company visiting the event is the best feedback on its quality. With four conference tracks, 90+ speakers, and 35+ meetups everyone could find something to their taste.

Sigma Software Team at IT Arena 2018


Our coworker, Oleksandr Plyska, shares his thoughts about the event:

“IT Arena now is probably the most large-scale and versatile conference for a broad audience of IT specialists. The tendency for every year growth is quite obvious: both in the number of visitors and in the presence of world-famous speakers.

The tracks – Product, Technology, Startup, and Business – provide interesting topics and speeches for many people. Startups particularly impressed me. There was a dedicated expo hall for them and a competition in the end. I’ve noticed that every year pitches enhance in quality, presentations become more professional, and product more innovational and oriented at real-world problems of potential users.

Sigma Software Team at IT Arena 2018


There were many entertaining speeches and speakers, however, I had to choose between tracks. Business track included numerous practical suggestions for business owners or specialists that have access to company process and can influence changes. A lot of attention was paid to sales strategies and the like. Technology track encompasses plenty of speeches on today’s hot technologies and directions:  Blockchain, AR/VR, Security, AI. Product track offered descriptions of processes and juicy details of product development in such companies as Tesla, Uber, Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

For me, IT Arena provides an ideal environment and atmosphere, first of all, for networking, motivation, and inspiration. What I would like to see improved is practicality of speeches. To finalize, Work Hard, Have Fun principle was met :-) Test drive of new Audi models for conference visitors gave a buzz.”

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