Kharkiv National University gathers companies to discuss education development

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Sigma Ukraine extends cooperation with V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. The company`s representatives took part in two meetings held back in May in the University to discuss the joint work on education development.

The first meeting took place on May 21st and got together representatives of the companies-members of Partnership Council as well as professors of Mechanics and Mathematics and Computer Science Departments. The Council was founded in 2013 and now includes Sigma Ukraine, EPAM Systems, Team International and GlobalLogic.

The Council met to discuss the results of the survey, previously held among IT companies, which aimed at revealing their actual requirements for graduates. The question of elaborating the procedures of the educational process audit was also raised.

The next meeting of the Partnership Council took place two weeks later within the framework of the conference “Computer modeling in high-technology. The round table gathered professors from Kharkiv and Kyiv universities to bring up topical issues of education quality improvement. The participants discussed what knowledge the graduates of Ukrainian universities should acquire to be employed in an IT company. The business representatives agreed that most graduates do not have enough practical knowledge. The level of English among young IT specialists is also insufficient. According to the received feedback it is planned to improve the educational program for the next years and to elaborate the procedure of students` performance evaluation.

“Our cooperation with V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University extends year after year. We`re always open to new initiatives and are willing to support the work on education quality improvement,” says Nataly Potapova, Head of Training Department at Sigma Ukraine. Aside from our constant work within the Partnership Council activities, we take part on the graduates thesis defense as IT company representatives and establish contact with students, inviting them to visit Sigma Ukraine`s office within the framework of open days.”

In May the students of Mechanics and Mathematics Department became Sigma Ukraine`s guests. They made a closer acquaintance with the company`s inner life, with the process of employment and the requirements for the newcomers. The Sigma Ukraine employees, former graduates of the same faculty, shared their experience on how to implement math knowledge in IT company and what are the opportunities of successful career in Sigma.

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