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Recently we have successfully completed the optimization of a BI system for our Customer from Sweden. The product was developed by the third party; through the time it appeared that the solution required a lot efforts for support and, what even more important, it committed errors in data analysis. We have significantly improved the system, making it much more efficient and bringing down the cost of maintenance.

Numerous recent studies and surveys demonstrate that Business Intelligence is among the highest trends for businesses across all industries. To stay afloat and make informed decisions, companies need BI systems that would help them to determine key metrics related to a specific industry, analyze and manage big amounts of data as well as optimize costs and bring performance and efficiency on a high level.

Recently, Sigma Software team took over the BI solution support and optimization, which was more like the development from scratch. The Customer is an owner of a social media platform with millions of users. The Business Intelligence system we have optimized deals with statistics gathering on a number of metrics, such as users` origin country, most popular content, the time users stay logged in, users` most favorite paths, etc. The analytics updates on a daily basis and it helps the company to understand what is currently happening on the market. All data is easily accessible by a simple login.

The solution also handles all financial processes, including data processing for invoices, cash flow forecasts, and contracts managing. The system makes it easy to sort the data by specifying the desired metric, so the user receives real-time ask-any-question data analysis.

“Before the optimization, the system was supported by 2.5 people full-time,” says Anatoly Kochetov, Head of Microsoft Solutions Department at Sigma Software. “What we did was not just taking over the responsibility for solution upgrade; we utilized best tools and practices in our work. Combined with our experience in BI solutions development it allowed to bring down the support efforts to less than 40 hours per month with small investment from Customer`s side.”

“Making a smart decision in ever-changing environment is a complex task. It is only possible when you have a complete picture of the current market, users` behavior, and you can access information from all areas of you company any minute. This is where our BI solutions come to help, enhancing organizational insight, providing better control, and detailed reporting,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.

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