Like every team, our unit has cool traditions. I’m convinced, while you only focus on work tasks, it is quite hard to see alternative ways for possible improvements. We love to participate in international hackathons which also keep up our entrepreneurial spirit, inspire us with fresh ideas and give an understanding of what can be useful for us and our clients in terms of tech solutions. For example, we had a great experience participating in the Mercedez Benz hackathon. Besides, in cooperation with other units, we even became a winner at Volvo Hackathon in Sweden. It was one of the most inspiring cross-unit team buildings for us!

A few more things are special to our team like our warm tradition — stories and photo sharing sessions. After vacations, our canteen often becomes a place for memories, where everyone can share inspiring stories from their trips such as climbing high mountains, hiking the Netherlands, Norway, visiting tropical islands, or participating in sports competitions.

Besides, we often visit our clients as well as meet them in our offices. With one of our clients, we gathered upon a cool tradition — a tea ceremony, and with others had an exciting cooking master class.