New IT Ed Initiatives, 20+ Partner Products, Collective Vaccination, and More in our CSR Report 2021

The fast changes that we faced back in 2020, kept taking place in 2021 as well. So, our main objectives were to adapt quickly to the ever-changing environment, ensure business continuity for our clients, partners, and employees. It was reflected in pivotal transformations many of which have social significance. Let’s touch upon some of them.

IT Education Leap

The year 2021 revealed a drastic IT specialist shortage that was intensified by recent digital transformation trends. Our training division responded by implementing new programs for beginners, conducting career guidance activities, building new relationships, and developing existing partnerships with higher educational institutions.

Pochebut Receives Employer Award

New Business Model for Immediate Innovation

The recent crisis required innovations to happen immediately. It resulted in the great demand for resources, competence, and turnkey solutions delivery. To satisfy the demand, Sigma Software adopted a new business model with the purpose to deliver turnkey solutions fast. We have grown a vast network of partner companies during this short period and added to our portfolio 20+ ready-to-use products in FinTech, retail, AI, data engineering, cloud, and other domains. Thus, we can meet our clients’ needs in immediate innovation and transformation.

Collective Action and Vaccination

What we have learned in the last two years is that we are capable of more. Our company stepped out of its usual ways by organizing vaccination for employees and relatives. In all of our major offices in Ukraine, we held collective vaccination sessions in line with governmental recommendations and provisions. Thus, we helped everyone interested get vaccinated without queues and visiting hospitals. As the result, we managed to reach ~54% vaccinated among our employees (with an average of 16% in Ukraine at the moment of the survey).

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