Oleksandra took part in several projects aimed at promoting STEM among the girls, sharing her experience in the tech environment and motivating girls to fight internal blocks and stereotypes.

Five years ago, she started teaching at the university she graduated from at the position of Associate Professor of Radiotechnologies Information and Communication Systems Department, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics. Oleksandra covers different directions. First it was embedded development, then microcontrollers, Cloud technology, Neural Networks, and then she ran a course on Artificial Intelligence elaborated in collaboration with the University of Hannover and based on the materials of Berkeley University. She also took part in the creation of a new 12-18 months long master’s program on Architectural Design of Information Systems. Additionally, she helps young people to prepare for their Master`s and Bachelor`s diplomas. More than 200 students took courses by Oleksandra during these years.

“We congratulate Oleksandra on this well-deserved recognition and appreciate all her endeavors aimed at knowledge-sharing and mentoring in the IT sphere. Oleksandra, by her example, inspires others and builds a new generation of IT specialists in our country,” said Volodymyr Chyrva, Managing Partner at Sigma Software.

Oleksandra Dudka