Premier of The First Code. A Documentary about the Beginnings of the Ukrainian IT Industry

This December we are expecting the premier of a short film about the history of IT companies, their achievements, and the future of the Ukrainian tech community.

The documentary called The First Code was created by the European Association of Software Engineering (EASE) with the support of the founders of the largest and most prominent IT companies in Ukraine, including 3DLook, Looksery, Reface, Softserve, Sigma Software, and others.

Shooting The First Code DocumentaryOur piece of the story was told by some of our company cofounders Valery Krasovsky, Dmitry Vartanian, and Vladimir Beck in our Kyiv office. They recalled how five friends created a company that currently has over 2000 specialists, more than 2000 completed projects, and dozens of offices around the world.

Dmitry Vartanian, CFO at Sigma Software

What helped the cofounders succeed? Here are some of the ingredients.

“The secret of how a small IT service company grows to a global level is simple: you need to grab onto every potential successful opportunity and work with each client as if it is the only one you have. Even if it’s a small customer,” says Vladimir Beck.

“We strive to become a large innovation hub. We are no longer an outsourcing company. We do not just create software products, but also advise global brands on advanced technologies that we ourselves are developing,” says Krasovsky.

Valery Krasovsky, Chief Executive Officer

For the full recipe watch the film.

The premier screening of the film will take place in a cinema in Kyiv and in Silicon Valley as a private screening. The film will be translated into several languages. The production team is now negotiating with Netflix regarding adding the film to their platform.

“Difficult times create strong people and strong teams. Such people are the heroes of the film The First Code.

From the very beginning, the EASE team and I have been promoting Ukraine’s strong IT brand all over the world. Therefore, we felt it was logical to tell the full story of the formation of the IT industry in the form of a feature film in order to capture the events with its brightest representatives.

The war caused adjustments to be made to the filming, but did not change the intentions. The film was created in difficult conditions, but by a powerful cinematographic team. It will be promoted at many international film festivals and platforms. I know that later there will be many people willing to support us. But there are those who believed in us from the beginning, one of these partners is Sigma Software,” says Lyubov Mochalova, CEO of EASE, head of the First Code project.

Shooting of The First Code documentary

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