Professional Assistance to Get the Most Out of Your AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Over the past ten years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has evolved from cloud infrastructure for computing power and storage to an ecosystem of 175 products and services including cloud storage, app deployment, user account management, data warehousing, and more. Today, AWS is one of the top cloud computing providers and is recognized for its security and reliability. Among its clients are world-renowned companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, BBC, and Adobe.

However, when considering AWS, young companies should keep in mind that onboarding can be difficult, while large corporations should be mindful of cost. To avoid any issues, companies should hire a professional supplier of DevOps or a configuration management service specializing in AWS infrastructure optimization.

Assistance with AWS Optimization

How We Help Our Clients Work with Cloud Services

Sigma Software offers a comprehensive understanding of the services available in AWS, their specifics, and their limitations. Our experts are well equipped to pick cloud solutions that will ensure optimal performance, simplified infrastructure management, easy resource scaling, and a reduction in infrastructure costs. Below here is a real-life example of what the optimization of AWS cloud infrastructure can do.

Creating a Cloud Self-Service Ads Platform for DanAds Set for Secure and Scalable Operation

DanAds partnered with Sigma Software to create a white label B2B Enterprise Cloud Self-Service Ads Platform with the idea to streamline digital self-advertising with reduced costs for publishers. Our team built a full infrastructure automation lifecycle from scratch and introduced Cl/CD, application containerization, and a deployment lifecycle. Based on our cybersecurity expertise, we hardened security and ensured continuous security monitoring. As a result, DanAds got the solution they wanted: scalable infrastructure and high fault tolerance, optimized at cloud costs.

DevOps Services that Make the Cloud Worth the Cost

There are many options for customizing and optimizing the cloud. Furthermore, each of these options can be tailored for specific business tasks. One of the main advantages of cloud infrastructure is that it allows sufficient flexibility when the system is built as a whole, as well as with the required configuration of individual subsystems.

To help you put your cloud infrastructure to its proper use, we provide the following services:

  • Transformation: transformation from SDLS to DevOps culture and best practices;
  • Development: continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous monitoring;
  • Deployment: continuous code deployment to a public server;
  • Testing: continuous automated testing and integration, automated alerting;
  • Configuration: infrastructure configuration and management, infrastructure as code approach that enables continuous delivery;
  • Release management: change management release approvals, release automation;
  • Cloud cost optimization: audit of current infrastructure, operations, and business needs providing best practices, right-sizing, configuration, elasticity, and KPIs.

We also offer the optimal cloud combination customized for your requirements and demands.

AWS services we work with: Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch, EC2, ECR, ElastiCache, ElasticSearch, GuardDuty, IAM, Kinesis, RDS, S3, SNS, SES, SQS, SSM, VPC, WAF, KMS, Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront, Route53, CloudWatch, RedShift, ECS, EKS

AWS regions we work with: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N. California), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland)

Sigma Software DevOps Team

Sigma Software is the one-stop-shop to configure your AWS cloud infrastructure. With over 100 cloud projects in our portfolio, we offer full DevOps coverage including development, deployment, configuration management, release management, testing, monitoring, and cost optimization. Our expert DevOps engineers work with 350 virtual machines on our current projects. Our technology stack has it all.

Technology Stack used in Sigma Software

Our team of over 1,100 software engineers unites 550+ software developers and architects, 130 test engineers, 90 project managers, and 35 DevOps professionals.

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