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Sigma Ukraine runs a research and development lab since September, 2012, where trainees are involved in a set of research software projects, supervised by Sigma Ukraine.

The R&D lab entails two projects initially:

  • Development of a budget estimation tool for software development projects, where one trainee works under supervision of Sigma Ukraine CTO Dmitro Lapshyn.
  • Development of a program for calculating probabilities and mathematical expectations of different intersection of vertex neighborhoods in a simple random graph. The project is done in accordance with the description given in Statistical Approach To Distributed Search In P2P Environment document, chapter Reinforcement Learning under the supervision of CSA Dmitry Zhuk.

The trainees have worked on the projects for two months, using Java, Scala and C++ technologies. After finishing all tasks they will continue their careers in Sigma Ukraine.

"We see R&D lab as one of the key instruments for building up technological competence of junior specialists within Sigma Ukraine, as well as it’s always making a step forward in software development field, contributing to experience we get from running commercial projects," says Nataly Potapova, Sigma Ukraine Training Manager.

"We’re pleased with good mathematical basis skills of our trainees, which allow them to quickly grasp mathematical tools, and in a short time master begin with functional programming, which, traditionally, is considered difficult to understand," said Dmytro Lapshyn, Sigma Ukraine CTO.

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