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The Tempus program members gathered in Kyiv in late September to discuss the project results in 2015, highlight the future activities and joint projects.

The representatives of four Ukrainian universities and European higher education establishments, as well as companies-partners of Tempus program, met in Kyiv for the regular meeting on September 23-25. The gathering was called to share the results of the outgoing year and outline the action plan for the future.

One of the key topics of this meeting was dedicated to launching a joint course on innovations and entrepreneurship for the best Ukrainian students. Every university will nominate five students to make a two-week trip to Sweden and Portugal, where they will learn from the best European professors. Among the members of the team will be participants and winners of IT Eureka contest.

“Instituto Pedro Nunes in Portugal has a very strong startup incubator. I believe the university academic staff, better than anyone, can tell our young specialists what it means to be an entrepreneur, a startuper, who is seeking for innovative solutions. Ukrainian students often choose the technology with which they have worked already for their projects; they are usually afraid to try something new. The main idea of this joint project is to bring them out from their comfort zone, to show that innovative approach can be applied in every area and every technology, to teach students to think outside the box,” says Nataly Potapova, Training Manager at Sigma Software.

 “Last spring the pan-Ukrainian contest, IT-Eureka, was held in Odesa. Sigma Software supported the contest, as the company always was an active player of the startup development movement in Ukraine. The contest results were very impressing. Over 790 registrations and 444 projects were collected. Among the applications there were really interesting and mature projects. One of the winners was a new generation peer-to-peer network, which does not require binding to the free-standing servers, and can actually change the world by eliminating censorship on the Internet. Another contest champion, the MeViCS, is a healthcare gadget, which is used for the prevention and treatment of posture disorders for children and adults. Our company provided the contest winners with the possibility to take part in the Startup Alley of Lviv IT Arena — one of the largest IT events in Ukraine,” says Vladimir Chirva, Development Director at Sigma Software. “Considering these wonderful achievements, we have decided to continue our General partnership of the contest in spring 2016. Only this time it is planned to be conducted in Lviv with a help of Lviv Polytechnic University, which is Sigma Software`s partner as well.”

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