Sigma broadens collaboration with Ukraine

Sigma Software

One of Sigma’s customers Hercules, Sweden’s market-leading engineering company in foundations, needed to upgrade and expand the functionality of its Maximo maintenance system. To accomplish this, Hercules placed an order with Sigma.

During the spring Sigma will be receiving assistance on this project from developers at its subsidiary Eclipse SP in the Ukraine, so as to find the best solution for the customer.

“When the developers are working in the Ukraine, the project groups will maintain daily contact through breakfast meetings via Skype. The customer naturally has access to test environments throughout the course of the project,” says Peter Eriksson, project manager at Sigma.

The project is a joint undertaking, with Sigma and Eclipse working together to find solutions. In this way, Sigma also has the opportunity to share its expertise of the standard system Maximo, which is positive from the vulnerability perspective, for example.

“Because we are conducting a project for which Sigma is serving as the proprietor of project information, it’s really of no importance to the customer whether the developer speaks Indian English, Russian or Swedish. What is important to the customer is that we find solutions and deliver a good system,” Peter notes.

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